More Than an Interview ● ● ● Claire & Mohinder

Set in a timeline from the past, Mohinder awakens to find that he is no longer human. A strange, compelling force both pulls and repels him and he finds he cannot resist the urge to investigate.

A yawn and then stirring, tossing back and forth in an attempt to get comfortable but... this bed was itchy. After a moment, Mohinder's eyes opened, blinking and curious as to why his blankets felt like straw or... hay? It was hay! The realization brought him to an alert state, springing up with the power of five cups of coffee. "Bloody hell," he mumbled to himself as hands felt along the lump he was sitting on. Yes, this was hay. And yes, a few feet away there was a horse, curious and staring.

"Where am I?" he whispered as though the creature could answer him. Mohinder received a quiet whinny in response. Not only was he in an unfamiliar place, but his whole body felt as though it was weightless and full of energy. After a stretch, he was to his feet and made his way over to the horse to gently pat its mane as he thought of what to do next. "Well I certainly can't remain here with you. No offense my four legged friend." To that, the horse nodded as though it understood.

As much as he tried, Mohinder couldn't remember a thing. Not even the clothes on his back were familiar to him, and he found himself frowning at the puffy shirt he had on. It appeared expensive as did his pants and shoes. Was he from a wealthy family or a fabulous pirate perhaps? Still, it was uncomfortable, and he untucked his shirt and began unbuttoning it when the door began to open. Unsure if this was his property or he would be found trespassing, he jumped into the nearby hay bed to wait and listen. It was dark, so he was well hidden.

The horses were checked on and the only clues he could make out from the conversation he'd heard was that this was not his stable. There was a lady of the house, and the men spoke of her respectfully with a hint of terror. The tone in their voices sparked curiosity in Mohinder, and after a few moments, his chest began to tighten. Something inside of him urged him to flee. The voice that one should listen to told him to steal the horse and ride out of there, never to look back.

Mohinder had never been one to listen to that voice though, and as soon as the men were gone, he began getting an idea of his surroundings, peeking through what holes he could find in the wooden stables before finally glancing outside via the main door. The moonlight was all he had to guide him and so he began a stealthy journey to the main house. That was where the feeling was coming from, and it grew with every step that took him closer.

This was wrong. This was bad news. There was something in that house that wasn't quite right. Being the curious one, there was no turning back now as he came to the side of the house where light illuminated from behind curtains. Once close enough, he was able to peek through small gaps in the fabric. There was a woman. Perhaps she was in danger? Should he warn her? Save her?

But wait, if Mohinder could sense the dark presence, could it in turn, sense him as well? With that thought, he froze.

The End

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