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We get back to the house and get out of the car. And walk up to the door. Your walking in front of me and my hands are on your hips. As we make it to the door I pull you back so that your back is against my chest. I kiss you lightly on the neck your hands drop and lightly lands on out outer thigh. You lean your head slightly to the left so I have better access. I move your hips back so your ass press against it. You feel it growing and pressing against you harder as I kiss your neck more. My tongue begins to softly lick you neck. My lips part more as I began to suck your neck as my tongue begin to flick against your skin. You release a quite moan as I gentle bite into your tender neck. Your head drops back and your right hand comes up to my head as you run your fingers in my hair. My right hand slides up your shirt and start to play with your boobs while still in the bra. My left hands opens the door and I release my teeth and lightly push you into the house. When you make past the door frame a few steps you turn and see me walking in calmly. I close the door behind you. You look at me see my black with white strips button up shirt and a new pair of blue jeans. You grin with a look of lust and desire in your blue eyes. You walk up putting your hands on my chest grabbing my shirt and I lean down and start to kiss you. One hand on the back of your neck. And the other oh your hip. You start to lift up on your toes to deepen the kiss as I run my nail on the red mark I left. You press your body against mine when I step closer. Our tongues are in an angry lustful fight for dominants. I step closer cause you to step back. I do this till your legs are against the couch. I push my chest forward causing you to fall into the couch. You don't release my shirt so I fall forward catching myself with my right hand on the back of the couch. You look up grinning. Your eyes begging me to keep going. Your rip the shirt to each side and the button come up done. This cause me to use my knee to open your legs and I slide my hips to the same level. You push my shirt back and I drop my shoulders back so the shirt slides right of to the floor. Your nails down my chest teasingly. Then grab the back of my neck pulling me down to yours. You lay back into the couch wrapping your legs around my hips and begin to grind. You feel how hard it is agains your skin tight jeans. And I bite deep into your neck. I reach up and squeeze your tits. Then grab your thin shirt. And rip it down the center. You gasp out. Pull up an look deep into your eye. And you see my lust is matching your own. You rise up to kiss me as slide the shirt off and toss it way. The I push you hard against back down to the couch and pin your arms over you head and start to grind back hard. You feel it trying to push pass our pants. Biting hard into your neck. You moan out loudly. And then I start kissing down to your bra. Sucking on the expose parts of your tits you arc you back as slide my hand up your back and undo it with my free hand. I release your arms so I can take off the bra. I throw the bra away and look what was underneath and I grin slightly as my lips part to take up the whole nipple. My tongue flicks furiously agains it as my hand slides down and starts to undo your pants. You rip your nails up back as you moan. I undo your pants with easy. And slide hand under. I feel feel how wet you have become with the tips of my fingers. I switch to your other nipple so I can slide my hand down more. I lick your nipple ever more hungrily then before when I slide finger inside. You jump and little at how sensitive it is and you begin to moan loader then before and moving your hips with the motion of my finger. You reach out and grab hold of my pants. Your face is blood read as you try to undo my pants. Your struggling with with my button so I take my free hand and undo it and you reach in and take ahold I it and start to push my pants down. You let go of it and to my surprise You roll your body and push me to the floor. I hit and look at you with shock. You throw your pants off and jump on to of me. You land with you legs on each sides of my hip you start to slide back and forth against in. I feel how wet you are but every time I move hips to press it into you lift up so it does. Your grin with the pleasure of being in control. You continue to tease me. Grabbing my hands and pushing them to your chest. I play with them as you move faster but still teasing me. I whisper "please" you smile and drop your head to kiss me as I rise my hips and get places against the now soaked tight opening. My hands slide down to your hips. We kiss deeply and you move your hips down. And press against you with some resistance but after a moment it slide it you stop the kiss as you moan out. Your eyes wide open as you feel it for the first time inside you after all that time way. I smile at you and after a moment you smile back. Then that devilish lust returns and you slide up and then back down. You moan again. You start slow. Getting use to it again. After a few moments my hands start guide you hips to pick up the speed you drop your head into my shoulder. And I lean forward and bite hard again. You moan louder then before. As I do so your body tighten and I take this moment to rise my legs. I grab your ass and hold it. I use this new leverage and move my hip to and fro. Each thrust faster and harder the the last you grab me and dig your nails into any part of my flesh you can grasp. You moan out louder an louder. My hand moving your ass to slam down at the time I ram my hips up. You throw you body back and grab my knees. Now you began to grind as bounce you up and down. Your head is back and hands on your hips again help slam more force as you come down. After a few minutes of the you down your head and place your hand on to my chest and gain dig your nails into me. Your look at me and you eyes are begging me for more. I go with everything I have. As you moans turn more into breathless words lost in your mind. Your arms give our and your head drop hard into my chest. You lay there you hands on my shoulders. As you try to catch your breath. You leg extend out and I lay out as well. I place my arms around you and hold you. You listen to my heart race and pound in my chest as it rise and falls quickly. You drop your body off to one side and we lay there cuddled up trying to regain energy.

The End

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