Faith or fight

‘I see the sisters have not wasted time, in claiming that Sigmar saved them from his wrath, when it missed their convent, then Phillip.  Yes, that to me was more damned luck than a sign of good faith, as I saw the tail go right through the bell tower, without even scorching it.’ Phillip said scornfully.

 ‘And I wish those bloody Flagellants would stop whipping themselves and blaming themselves, and help us poor folk fight these blazes as well, Bill. If they did that, it would give us at least 20 men more, Phil.‘Not much, but every one more means a little less to worry about, Bill.’

 ‘Bet those rats are going to feed well tonight.’ Bill said looking at the Skaven. Skulking in the shadows, and teeth drooling as they looked at the human and animal carnage, flesh was flesh to those scavengers, burnt or unburned it made no difference. It was food to those horrible things.

‘Just saw James Morrtor and his gang heading out to the hills, Phil, we know what they are up to now. If Morrtor is involved, you can bet it involves gangs and stealing, his late dad John, was one of the most feared bandits around for many years. ‘How did he die, there were so many tales of the day and none match ?’

‘Like many of his type, the more they could do, the more invincible they thought they became, and lived to the limit, that day he took on far more than his band could handle. The guard had heard that he was planning a raid on the Kerranmore road, and their man had told them when and where, so when Morrtor and his men attacked the wagons, the were met in an ambush from the start, as the real target had been rerouted, and this was full of men of the town.

 ‘As they struggled to hold ground, the guard leader ,picked his time, and came charging in, just as the bandits were turning to run away, hardly any of them got out alive, and those that did, were taken to Kerranmore and flogged.’

Phillip breathed a sigh of relief and then said: ‘So the road is clear to Kerranmore then ?’

‘It was, but I fear that is where Morrtor is heading now, to amass his bandits, and storm Mordhiem, once we contain the fires better.’

Heat from the fires was turning water to steam, almost as quickly as they could get it out of the buckets, men were falling like flies in the winters cold, they were so exhausted, and had not eaten, as the bakery had been one of the first things to burn down when the comet hit.

 ‘We are losing the battle, and can’t hold the flames. Everyone take to the roads and get out of here !’ Bill yelled at the top of his voice.

As people left on whatever they could ride, carrying only what they could in a bundle, it was a train of desperation, faces blackened by fire, and streaming with tears of sorrows and of exhaustion.

'We gave it our best, but Sigmars’ comet was far too much to contend with'. Phillip sighed, as he looked back at the blackened town, that for so long was home.

Heading out on the road to Kerranmore, what was left off the town guard was riding wide, and well ahead of the train, the ground was so open and flat, it was ideal for a small bandit group to go to ground. And await innocent travellers Most of the guard were former soldiers and as such knew silence was the word,

The End

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