Mordhiem ablaze

Medeival town gets hit by a comet, leaving the people to flee and fight as the take to the hills


Mordhiem ablaze

With the medieval town of Mordhiem ablaze with the flames from Sigmars’ comet still raging and the ground shaking with the force of the blows, people running around screaming and yelling.

In the background there lurked and evil, the Skaven, huge rat like creatures, with elongated claws, mutations of the sewer rats, that had fed upon human waste for centuries, now with the tremors and the fires raging, their gene pool had fully mutated to bring forth, these terrible creatures, the size of a man but with rat features.

   ‘Where’s the town guard when we need them ?’ yelled Helena Jacks, the barmaid from the Mordhiem arms.

As she stood and watched the looters raid everything.

   ‘They got called to the troubles on the other side of town.’ Phillip Johnson, fireman replied.

As he desperately fought to contain a small fire, the only thing he had was one bucket, as he saw the blaze trying hard to spread, he yelled:

  ‘Can we have more help please ? Forget the houses on Armour street, they are too much for us now, all we can do, is try to stop new fires from going up now.’

   ‘We can’t get the horses across from Trench Road, and without the hoses, we are not even containing the smaller ones.’ Bill Jones the smithy called to Phillip.

  ‘Is there some way we could divert the river, so we can use that water and its flow, Bill ?’

  ‘Not in the time we have, and with such a shortage of manpower.

The End

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