Not Alone (Prologue)Mature

This is a story about Bain Van Rose, heir to the noble Rose house. Throughout Bain's life, he has felt that something has been with him. As a child he would talk to an unseen and unheard being that he assured his family was real. He grew out of this, of course, and moved on, thinking it was an imaginary friend born out of his loneliness. But was he really alone?

There are things in this world we perceive as truth. There are things seen as right. There are also things considered wrong. But what defines these? Is it just our own reasons for how things happen and why things should or shouldn't happen? 

The truth is that nothing is sacred but a soul. This world - the very bones in your body - has no value beyond what we believe it to have next to a single soul. 

But what is a soul? Is it something that can be explained, or simply the proof that you have existed? And what makes one soul so important? Is it how the owner used it? 

The truths have been lost in the passing of time. All that will come, however, depends on the chosen few. They alone hold the truths of the world called Morals. 

Light, Earth, Water, Flame, Force, Companion, Fear, Hope, Dark, Diversity, Insanity, and Death. These are the Twelve Morals that Humanity must learn in order to survive.

The End

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