Mora was breathing quietly while she pressed her body down to the humid forest earth. Slowly, she moved forward towards her prey, cautious not to make any sounds. Her fingers were digging into the black soil, plants scratched her her athletic body, insects were crawling over her face. She smelled the humidity of the forest and its soil, she smelled the blossoms of the dark purple flowers growing all around her and of which she knew that their poison could kill her with one single touch; she smelled the rotting wood, dying animals and the snake which had been following her for days. The most penetrant smell that filled her nose, however, was the smell of her prey. He smelled like sweat. He smelled like fear.

He had already noticed her, he knew that she was hunting him - one thing she had wanted to make sure. Her hunt through the virgin forest had already lasted three days now - three days in which her eyes had followed him every second. She hadn´t missed any of his movements; no single sigh, snore or smacking had escaped her attention, not to mention the fear which had not left his eyes ever since he had found her arrow. His fear excited her. She sucked out all of him: all his joy, all his dreams, all his lust until nothing remained but his fear and the fetidness it left on him.

Now, the time had almost come. She had kept him in suspense until there was almost nothing left of him, except for the panick which slowly brought him closer to madness. Now she had almost reached him. He was only a few inches away. One breath and she would strike.

With one wild scream she jumped out of her hiding place. Everything happened in a few seconds. He stared at her, paralyzed, and watched her pull out her knife. He did not try to escape his fate when she smashed him down to the ground and pressed the blade to his throat. He did not have any chance.

"This...", she whispered to his face, " is a gift. A gift from my friend, you know her. You know her very well, since you are the one that ruined her. You tarnished her beauty and her pride. Do you remember?" All he could do was whimper. "Do you remember?" Mora´s voice became louder. She pressed the blade harder to his throat, until warm blood ran over her small hands. She enjoyed this moment. This was the moment of revenge, the moment in which she gave it all back to them. The last thing she heard of him was the gargling sound coming from his throat when she stabbed it.

The End

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