Chapter Five


          The girl was without a doubt strange, but what I couldn’t fathom was that I hadn’t picked up on the signs before. She was traveling alone at night, she had avoided most of the light in the area, and she seemed to have senses attuned to everything around her, even things that I, as a Slayer hadn’t detected. It didn’t take an amateur to tell you that she was a vampire. Obviously a very dumb one at that, what newborn would willingly travel to Rome the weekend of a full moon? Every vampire knew that that was the night Slayers from far and wide would travel to kill the leeches while they hunted. 

                    “It’s Dameon right?’

She had a musical voice for a blood sucker, and she stared at me expectantly with big jade green eyes.


She was twirling a lock of hair around one slender finger.

                “Are you from around here? Europe I mean.”

 I chuckled, “No I’m not, I was born in the states, but I’ve still got relatives who live here.”

She nodded slowly absorbed in her on little world. I took this time to study her. If it came to a fight, I wanted to know exactly what I was up against. In terms of height and weight she didn’t have a chance, she was tiny, which meant I wouldn’t have a hard time, and setting that long hair on fire , would probably be pretty effective too… but my concentration wavered, she was pretty I guess…for a leech, but even when she wasn’t looking at me, I could still picture those beautiful eyes…

           “Dude, if you’re gonna stare it would help if you didn’t make it so obvious.”  I hadn’t even noticed how hard Alix was glaring. If looks could kill… 

          “I wasn’t staring I…”

Another stern glare. “Lies.” She hissed. “You’re a pervert aren’t you?”  She clenched her fists and looked like she really wanted to hit something.

          “I’m not---” 

Guys, there’s always going to be that one conversation you have with a girl that’s going to end very badly unless you let it go…this is probably one of those.

I shut my mouth for my own safety, Alix looked like she was about to say something else, but thankfully, a pleasant voice sounded over the speaker system in French alerting us that we had reached our destination.

          “This is it,” I nodded towards the door. She shouldered her little black backpack and stood beside the other passengers. The train pulled to a halt and those jade green eyes fixed on me again.

          “Thank you.” She said.

With that she disappeared among the humans. I was startled at how ell she blended with them, but I didn’t have long to contemplate it. My cell phone buzzed with a text.

          Hey, I took care of Joseph back in the states, and I’m heading out to Rome right now. Are you ready?

My fingers lingered on the keys. This was the weekend of the full moon, despite my encounter of the last few minutes, I was still here to kill, it was my purpose.

          I’m ready.

I texted back after a short moment. I disembarked the train and began to wander the streets, daydreaming about jade gemstones.

The End

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