With a flamethrower in my duffle bag, I walked out into the night.  I had just tracked a vampire to this small town in South Dakota, living under the name Joseph Penn.  Isn't it cute how they think they can blend in with society?

I've been hunting bloodsuckers for about ten years now, and I like to think I've gotten pretty good at it.  Stakes, holy water, crosses, garlic... that's all bull.  Us humans can only kill them with fire -- well, kill them more.  After all, they're already mostly dead.

Killing this Joseph guy wouldn't be easy, but I had faith and determination on my side.  My parents were killed when I was fifteen years old, their bodies drained of blood.  The police thought it was a cult killing, some kind of sick ritual, but I knew better.  I dropped out of school and devoted the rest of my life to avenging my parents, or dying in the attempt.

I reached the address I had written down.  It was an early 1800's mansion in the woods; how typical.  Finding the vampire wouldn't be an issue, since he was inside such an old and flammable house.  Starting from the corner and working my way across, I set fire to the wooden base of the house.  I stepped back to see if the vampire would try to escape through a window.  It turns out, he didn't even have time to do that.  The flames climbed quickly, reaching the second floor in less than fifteen seconds.  I caught a glimpse of a flaming silhouette; apparently, old Joseph had never learned the stop-drop-and-roll technique.

A buzzing interrupted my thoughts.  I whipped out my cell phone to see that someone had text messaged me.  It was one of my vampire hunter friends; we had met a few years back while tracking the same leech.  It read:

Just heard there would be several vampires in Rome, all this weekend... you in?

This would be the hunting trip of my life.  Before, I had only been able to track one vampire at a time; the trackable ones tend not to be social.  Several vampires, all in one place, at the same time?

I'll catch the next flight out.

The End

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