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                                                                                        Alix's p.o.v.

       I stared up at the buildings surrounding me. So this was the city of lights huh? On normal circumstances i guess i would've been happy, but what was there to rejoice about now? I was alone which in itself kinda sucked, and i was here on a death mission. Where was the fun of that? okay yes maybe bloodshed did sound a little fun but still!

I shuffled along with the crowds not exactly sure where anyone was going, but just keeping my head down and moving along. My looks had already singled me out as a foreigner,but then even back home in the states i'd always stood out. Caramel colored skin and shoulder length coffee colored hair were just not everyday colors i assumed. And the new eyes didn't help much either, a green as pure as a jade jemstone. Gazing at my reflection i no longer recognized myself. I'd gone from the estranged shy girl to the sexy predator in on time at all, and i hated it.

No, unfortunately i  had survived the transformation, but at a great price. the familiar beat of my heart had ceased replaced with an empty hallowness that i truly despised, and while my senses had sharpened to an unfathomable level, it just wasn't the same. I sighed inwardly, this is the price you pay for falling in love with a parasite i suppose.

And speaking of parasites, it brought me back down to earth. I needed to focus, this wasn't a trip for fun, i needed to find Caleb's family. Since i couldn't carry out my revenge on him in the after life i consoled myself with the idea of giving his relatives hell in this life. i was at an unbelievable disadvantage. I'd only just gotten this body and who knew what other abilities, these vamps had to pretty old which meant they were a helluva lot more expiernced then a five foot one seventeen year old with a stake. You think so too? Then we're on the same page here.

I was so absorbed in my own sadistic little world that imissed the stoplight, and the honking, and the car that was swerving right at m---

"Have you lost your freaking mind?"

I glanced up to see a guy around my age---who would've caused male models everywhere to eat their hearts out! I mean he was just....wow...just like....freaking...wow...  he was on top of me,and he ws freaking heavy.

"You almost got hit by a car? Can you talk? Are you mentally unstable or something?"

I wish he would just shut up and let me oogle. But no his stupid voice is ruining my fantsies...

"Quit yelling!I heard you the first time!" I growled.

"That's obviously all you heard." He countered. His eyes were slate gray almost completly concealed by his brown hair. I froze for a second. Caleb had had brown hair. But Caleb is dead now i reminded myself, so that was irrelevant.

"You're welcome by the way." He sneered which contorted his godly face in an ugly way.

I blinked "For what exactly?" 

He didn't have an accent, maybe he was a foreigner like me maybe he was even american.

'For saving you dumb a**."

Oh he was so definately american.

"Yeah thanks for that but i would've been fine." which technically wasn't a lie. "But i didn't---"

"need me to push you out of the way of that car?" He interrupted. "Yes you did."

I glared at him hard. Gorgeous or not he ws starting to piss me off.

"Actually i---"

"Look like a total tourist? Yes you do."

5.0 seconds until fist makes a connection with pretty face.

"But you've probably never left the states before right? That's so typical."

3.0 seconds

He rolled his eyes at my furious looks. " Look kid how about i take you where you need to go. I'll buy you a ticket and you can hop on a train and meet your parents or whatever."

I had just finished gauging the distance between us and how much damage i would potentially inflict when i heard the words 'pay', 'for', and 'your'. so i unclenched my fists and met his eyes.

"You'll take me where i need to go?' I asked guardly.

He shrugged. " Yup."

"And you'll pay?" The gears were turning in my mind. Having him pay would save me some trouble, and well...he did offer...


I should've felt bad about conning this poor idiot out of money...but i didn't!

"I'm going to Rome." I stated.

He arched an eyebrow. " Aren't you a little young to be going there by yourslef?"

"I'm seventeen you a**."

His mouth formed a little 'o' of surprise. Idiot.

I turned and started walking off down the street, my senses leading me toward the station.

"I'm Calixandra." I said as he fell into stride beside me.

"Dameon." He replied with a chuckle.



"it's a pleasure to con you."

"Most people would say meet."

"Good thing i'm not most people."

Far from it. I was getting closer to my goal. Although there weren't any leeches in Paris, i knew they would be in Rome somewhere, i'd find them, weed them out, and one by one, i would destroy them.

The End

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