"What do you mean my lovely Caleb is dead?" Anna shouted at the top of her lungs. 

"Sweetheart, this letter says that he was killed by some girl he was turning into a vampire. Or, he claims that he was. He  might've really been trying to kill her or something. But you're going to have to face it. He's dead. But you're immortal. You'll meet plenty of other guys around here. It's a big world." 

I gave her a glare. 

"Well maybe not to someone like you who's been around since Columbus and has traveled the entire world. But you'll find someone else, I promise." 

Even my parents didn't have a right to promise that to me. I had been Caleb's fiancee. Someone I'd doubted he'd mentioned to that silly mortal girl. It was always the same with him. Now it was going to be my personal duty to become this girl's enemy. Hunt her down. Being what would could be considered a vampire 'princess' as Caleb had been considered a 'prince,' there were many assets I would have against her. 

First, I was born a vampire. My parents, grand parents, great-grand parents etc... were all vampires. Pure blood. It just ran in the family. I'd been around since the late 1400s, and she'd only recently become a vampire. I knew more things about all of this than she did. Alix, or whatever her name was, probably had a soft spot for humans. I, on the other hand, didn't. They just got in my way. And I had many people to help me out. Whether they were other members of the family or servants or guards. 

I had long, dark brown hair that had been curled tonight, going down past my shoulders. My twinkling blue eyes were considered to be quite unusual. But they only made me look more human, which was good. I was about 5"5 and would appear to look somewhere around twenty-three. I wore a black, sleeveless nightgown with no shoes. It was my house after all. Why would I need shoes? Not like I enjoyed wearing them regularly anyway. They were simply annoying. 

"Alix you say? Hmm...Well I'll be leaving tomorrow then. Early in the morning. Don't bother coming and looking for me please. You know that'll be nearly impossible once I'm out. Don't even try and send Taylor or somebody. And absolutely do not send my brother," I replied with an icy tone, leaving the living room and heading towards my own bedroom. I could hear my parents talking in the background, of course they were sending someone after me. They wouldn't just let their daughter wander off somewhere without being supervised. I was over five-hundred years old, when would they learn to leave me alone at some point? Were parents always parents?

After waking up at about four in the morning, without anything besides a small purse with a considerable amount of Euros in it, considering I was currently in France, and some other various items, I was out of there. The guards had all managed to fall asleep at their posts. And they wouldn't care anyway. There was no stopping me. 

Last I'd heard Caleb had been in America, correct? She knew that Caleb was an aristocrat, and most of which lived in France and Italy. Europe would be the first place she'd head if she wanted destroy his family and friends. Thank God that there was one currency now. No more currency exchange rates to deal with when I crossed a border. 

The first place I headed was Paris The next stop would be Cannes, where my family's main mansion was held. I believe Caleb's had been in the surrounding area of Rome. This girl wouldn't miss seeing the Eiffel tower, now would she? But would she really have made it this far already? I doubted it. So for now I might as well just kick back and try to find myself something to do. It's not like there was anything else to do in France. Everything had gotten old. And for you tourists, you probably think I'm crazy. But when you'd personally visited the old Kings and Queens of the palaces years ago. Yes, things were literally old.

There had been the revolution, the overthrowing of monarchies, epidemics spreading around rapidly, England, France, and Spain wanting to expand over to America, I'd lived through it all. With Caleb. And now this girl thought she could barge in and just ruin it all? Not going to happen. She wouldn't know who she was talking to. I'd manage to trick her into thinking I was nice. Someone who she could trust. Oh how I'd love to see that girl die for what she'd done to him. All the lies he'd probably told her. That stupid girl had probably fallen for all of his silly tricks. But he was Caleb after all. She probably thought she was gonna marry him or something after she was changed. He'd probably been secretly laughing all through the night when she wasn't around. 

After wandering around Paris and Cannes for about a week, I made my way into Italy. I loved Italy. The smells, the sights, the language. After a while, I'd become fluent in Spanish, Italian, English, German, Russian, Latin-yes some vampires actually still spoke it, Korean, Greek, and even Japanese. Of course my native language was French, so that one was already off the list. 

Here I was in Rome, standing near the outskirts where many mansions were. Where most of the vampires were. I found myself walking around, looking at some of the historical homes. One of which had actually been my ancestors. Italy had managed to buy it from us after the early 1900s. I'd even stayed there a few times. Now it was a historical site. Home of one of the great Roman Senators over two thousand years ago. One of my ancestors of course. How he'd ended up in Italy instead of France, I don't know. There were a few tourists wandering around the house, some of them staring at me as I walked around the house slowly, recollecting old memories of my brother and I playing there as a child. 


The End

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