She is a vampire turned uncontolable killer who loses control of herself to her demonic personality when the moon is full.All she wants is a normal life back
All he wants is to suceed. He's the hot Slayer assigned to hunt her down in a crowded city and kill her.
Problem is in a city with thousands of girls...just which one is she?


     He had promised me that this wouldn’t hurt at all, and like a complete fool, I’d believed him. Of course it was going to hurt, I was ripping out the very essence of myself, and I was giving up the one thing I had that meant the most to me. My soul. Not that it mattered to me. I was giving it up for him because I wanted to be with him no matter what, I wanted him to fill the part of me that had been empty and lonely for so long.

“ Caleb?” I managed to ground out his name through the pain. “How…how long?” I gasped.

I couldn’t make him out my vision had blurred to badly, but I swear to god I saw him shrug his shoulders.

“How should I know?”

What was he talking about? He’d told me that he knew everything about changing a person! He’d had me so convinced, so sure. Another piercing wave of pain and I was positive I’d split my molars down the middle from how hard I was clenching my teeth.

“Rest assured Alix,” he said “When you awaken you’ll be worthy of me doll.”

I nodded, I so badly wanted to be good enough for him. He was the only person who cared about me, the only one whose approval I craved for, or cared about for that matter.

“That is of course if you survive the change.”

I froze thinking that I hadn’t heard that part right. If I survived? I thought you just became a monster, I couldn’t believe he was telling me I’d have to live through my own death just to see tomorrow. I mean where the hell was the irony in that?  

“If you don’t make it through… well it’ll certainly be loss.” He made that tsking noise that adults make when they were disappointed with a child. Like if I died, he’d be just that, disappointed. Not heartbroken just disappointed. That moment, I finally realized something that should have been painstakingly clear from the beginning. Caleb didn’t love me. He didn’t care about me at all he was just using me. Just like everyone else in my life.

The pain that came from that realization hurt worse then anything his damned venom caused. With a pained snarl I leapt out of the coffin to close my dying  hands around his immortal throat. He flinched but only slightly.

“I thought you loved me!” I cried

“You truly believed that?” He snorted.” What makes you think that a vampire prince could ever fall for someone as insignificant as you? You’re not fit for me to spit on, none of your kind is! You should all be extinguished.”

The final moment was rapidly approaching, the one were I would fall asleep. Then I’d either die in my sleep or wake up to stalk the night for eternity. I was beginning to hope for the first one.

“You worthless lying little parasite!” I hissed. I tightened my fingers and to my amazement he started to squirm. I squeezed harder and harder watching in satisfaction as he tried to pry my hands loose. His efforts were in vain, I tightened and wrenched his head from side to side.

“If I can’t be with you in eternity, then be with the rest of your kind in the layers of  hell!”              

His neck made a strange cracking noise, and then the immortal life in his eyes went out. His body, if possible, went even colder and slumped to the ground. It lacked…whatever it was that vampires had. It wasn’t life and it certainly wasn’t a soul, but whatever it was, it was gone. The boy I thought had loved me, lay dead. 

I fell back into the coffin, breathing heavily. As faded away, I swore two things. If I died, then I would hunt down that scum in the after life and give him something worse then hell. If I survived, which I prayed I wouldn’t, I’d hunt down and destroy his kind. I’d kill every vampire in this world, or I’d die again trying. 





The End

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