Odin: Sweet Requiem for WarMature

He pulled back from her kiss, shaking his head violently.

The feeling that surrounded him closed in, encasing him in a tight cocoon of pure anger. His eyes flared, the red igniting into balls of fire as he looked at her, his arms tightening around her. He licked his lips, a jet black tail appearing behind him, ears appearing on his head as he snapped his great jaws together. The hatred and rage encompassed him, forcing his change.

He clamped his jaws down on her dress, determined not to let her go as fur sprouted from his body, contorting his muscles and bones as he fell to his knees, dragging her down to the floor with him. They both reached the ground with a thud and though she scrabbled away from his grasp his jaws only locked on tighter.

“Love, is the opposite of War. Just like Life is the opposite of Death. One cannot feel the other; one must not act upon the other, lest consequences be paid. Upon the disobeying of this order the God in question will force a change into whichever beast he/she last controlled. Then the primal emotion that the God portrays will take over, leaving behind the human instinct and instead encompassing him/her as a true God. Their true element.” – Book of Divine Law.

The world shook, as the beast prowled forward, rolling her onto her stomach. She cried for Lune, tears rolling down her face. She cried for Mune. Her call was answered. But Mune had been stood there all along, watching from afar with his arms entwined around Death’s waist. Death smirked, a golden butterfly hovering above the couple. “Ah,” Death murmured, “Fate, you appeared.”

They looked at her with blank faces, apart from Mune. Mune showed a quick grimace as Odin brought a giant paw down, revealing her shivering, naked form. Lune was already dead, passed away without saying goodbye. Fate had already captured him and brought him back to The Netherplane. But there was one last thing that remained, that jeopardised the God’s positions – Corelle.

Odin brought a single, slender, knife-like claw down her face lapping at the blood that swelled from the wound as if he had not drunk for eons. The human within him sat back, surrendering Corelle to his true self, for he realised that the dividing line between lust and love is so thin and that love was really something that he did not feel until she forced her lips to his. Even then, it was hers and not his. He watched through the beast’s eyes as she trembled beneath the large muzzle now positioned at her neck.

There was one problem, this giant beast was War. A prolonged, painful, devastating affair. He knew it would not be over quickly and she would not be spared. Time and Death knew, War should have slept.

After the deed was done and the sun had begun to rise again over the hills the beast sat back, licking its great muzzle, bending down to gnaw at a long bone. The others had gone by now, leaving the great wolf to its prey. In this form, he was known as Fenrir or Fenris – the great wolf which challenged the Gods; a ruthless being that knew no mercy, or peace. Each God had a soul harboured within him or her. Fenris was the jet black dog of war.

A few more hours passed and Fenrir had become Odin. He stood, with a click of his fingers clothed his naked form and took one look at the unfathomable mess on the floor. Her dismembered ghost hovered round him, unable to speak or move other than to slide behind him like a long shadow and let out a piercing scream in the silence. But with her, a thousand other souls followed, their melancholy screams echoing into the dusk that had begun to settle. Odin smiled, making his scythe appear in his hand. Some part of him actually felt good for he knew that his assignment was done.

State: Subject, destroyed.
Cause: Unleashed Fenrir, of own accord and mistake.
Body: Unrecognisable... typical Fenrir-case.
Soul: Haunting. Unable to cross to the Netherplane.

Odin flicked the scroll into the air just as a golden falcon swooped down, effortlessly catching it in its talons.

With new blood in his veins, a success in his mind, a new soul to his collection and a new voice to his symphony War walked on. He knew something was about to happen to this world. For he was finally.


The End

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