No more crueltyMature

I felt so awful about what I was doing to War. I loved his father, whom he hated, and kept throwing his love for me back in his face. How had I become so cruel?

Why should I even want to love Mune? He had lied to me after all. And War wouldn't hate him for no reason - I could see that he was a kind, gentle soul.

And he cared about me so much. I had seen the pain in his eyes when he had told me that nothing could be done about Lune. The pain of one who cared so deeply they would forget their own desires so that the one they cared for could be happy. He would allow himself to forget his love for me, in order that I could love Mune without feeling awful.

What was stopping me from loving War? So affectionate, so friendly... I didn't need that divine love I felt for Mune. I should let him be with Death. No doubt I had probably stirred things up between them so far and caused them to hate each other. I wasn't a hateful person. In fact, I strived to be a decent person. Heck, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but isn't it those core intentions which makes the difference between right and wrong? I didn't like to think I was wrong.

War was still standing where I had been talking to him, as if paralysed by my stupid indifference to him. I felt disgust at myself. I couldn't believe I'd suggested that if he wanted something in return I could give him something small? How horrible, how selfish was that? After all War was doing for me...

I walked back to him. "War," I said.

"Yes, m'dear," he said, in that wonderfully affectionate way. I could see he was in agony inside, but he showed none of that when he talked to me. How selfless, how ... admirable.

"I've been an awful person-"

"Oh, no, m'dear," he interrupted.

"Let me finish," I said firmly. "I've been an awful person and you deserve better. I..." I hesitated. Come on, Corelle. This is the right thing to do. "I want to give you a chance."

War looked confused. "A chance, m'dear?"

"Yes," I replied, holding his bewildered gaze. "I'd like to give you a chance ... with me."

And with that, I leant up and kissed him on the lips. No more cruelty.

The End

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