As you wish.Mature

When I awoke again, I was in a field of flowers, led down amongst the colourful hues. The sky wasn’t too bright, so it didn’t blind me as I opened my eyes. But sat opposite me, juxtaposed against the rainbow of flora was War. He sat there in his black clothes and hair and smiled at me. "Am I dreaming?" I asked in wonder as I gazed around me.

"No, I brought you here," he murmured, helping me sit up by offering me his hand.

I looked at War and frowned. "War... I ... don't think this was a good idea. It's almost like you're taking me on a date..."

"I just wanted to show you something," he smiled innocently.

"What?" I sighed, unable to be annoyed or upset with him.

"You said how war is nothing but destruction and death. I wanted to show you, that is not true," he murmured with a sad sigh.

"You convinced me," I said, my tone softening as I felt sympathy for this charming...god.

"This here was a battlefield. I think it used to be... France? Now look. The rubble has been blown away and here beautiful flowers grow. War is not all that bad, from war comes peace." He took of his coat, revealing a black tank top and jeans which showed off his muscled arms. I nodded semi-committally.  "I just, sometimes love to sit here and remember I'm not as bad as people make me out to be."

"Oh no, you're not bad at all," I told him, pulling him down beside me and hugging him tightly.

He hugged me back and sighed, "I'm sorry to take you, would you like to go back?"

"No," I replied, smiling. "I can see now you've only had the best intentions at heart?"

"Thank you, I never meant any harm," he smiled back, blushing slightly as he looked at me.

"No - course you didn't. You were just a little... over-complimentary."

"I still stand by those," he murmured, picking a blue rose from the bunch of flowers and giving it to me.

I looked him straight in the eye. "You probably shouldn't."

"I want to, because I'm going to tell you something I was told not to."

"Don't break any rules," I murmured.

"I can't top what my father did... that's what I need to tell you." His breathing became rushed and he tried to calm himself.

I looked at him, confused. "I'm sorry –that was random. You're telling me ... you're not powerful?"

"No, that's not it. Bringing back a human from the dead upsets everything...Fate's pis- yeah. Please, promise me you won't get mad at me or anything..."

"For what?" I asked, brow furrowing.

"Lune can't stay long here; he's going to die again."

I gaped. "What?"

"I was awoken to seduce you, but I can't do that. You're far too wonderful. That's why I brought you here, so Time can't find me."

"To... seduce me? Death wanted you to seduce me?"

"So you wouldn't feel bad about Lune dying."

"But–but ... That's so wrong!" Tears were coming to my eyes. "Take me back to Lune. Please."

He helped me to my feet and wrapped his massive arms around me, kissing my forehead, "as you wish."

The tears began to fall freely now. "Mune said he would live forever. Why would he say that?!"

"You understand why I hate him now? World War III took it out of me and when I slept no one woke me up because they thought my parents would, Death hadn't seen me for years and was never told. Time? He was sick of me criticizing him."

"No! I thought they thought -..." But I couldn't say anything because if he was dangerous, I'd be swimming with sharks and if he wasn't, he didn't deserve to be told such a thing.

"I would never hurt you," he murmured, "you can tell me anything."

"No," I murmured. There was another reason I couldn't say anything. I would not believe that Mune was a liar. That I couldn't face. Even though he didn't love me, I loved him.

War growled slightly, "You're a fool to love him."

“Hey! Don’t you growl at me!”

"I'm sorry, I just don't see how you can be so loyal to someone who..." he sighed, "never mind. I said I'll take you back," and with that we disappeared, reappeared outside my house.

The End

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