Broken LoveMature

Mune came into the kitchen; Death and Lune were in the living room talking. He leant on the cabinets and looked at me with a sullen, blank look on his face. According to Death the gathering was tonight and Mune’s look confused me. He had been looking forward to this night for ages, so why now when the night is upon us does he look so unhappy? I turned to him, laying everything on the cabinet to face him.

He looked down so as to avoid my gaze and sighed, “Corelle?” I was sorta glad that he looked down, because I couldn’t look into his eyes either. It hurt far too much.

“Mune,” I replied softly.

“You wanted me to tamper with your memories,” he explained, “what exactly was it that you wanted?” By now he had gone into the second stage of recuperation. He had a unicorn horn protruding from his forehead, his white hair cascaded around it, but he pushed it behind his ears. He also had a white horse’s tail swishing behind him.

I winced at the word tamper. "Don't, Mune," I murmured. "Not if it'll hurt you." I turned to hide the silent tears which streamed down my face. "It was so awful after you brought back Lune. How could you?" I took a tissue from the box on the side and wiped my tears before they dropped to the tiled floor. I didn’t want him to see me crying again.

"I wanted to make you happy," he replied bluntly, "We have power. But, we can only do so much before we sleep. I explained all that. But that's why we are so many, because we are powerful. One God would be madness." He looked up, but still avoided my gaze.

"Wanted to make me happy," I repeated. "You know, it's funny that. Cause I want to make you happy."

"You have Lune," he warned, "don't."

I turned and looked at him. "I thought it was my choice," I told him. "And it's still a choice I have to make. Unless you have Death, in which case I'd be happy to love Lune with all my heart,” he looked as though he was thinking. I hope he wasn’t going to lie to me.

"Death and I are friends..." he paused, "You know, I have to go get ready for tonight. The gathering is happening in the forest this month."

"Wait," I murmured, walking forwards. He stopped, but he didn’t turn. I put a hand on his shoulder, but he still didn’t turn round, he just asked me what I wanted, bluntly and harshly. “"D'you remember what I said before you brought back Lune? About my reason for doing it?"


I closed my eyes. "Do you know what's in my heart?" Even at this he did not turn, but he did shuffle away from my touch, letting my hand fall to my side limply.

"That is not my place." He replied bluntly, as if he didn’t belong in my heart. That wasn’t true. He’d be there forever now...

“It’s your right though,” I murmured, “Since you’re one of the people living there...” He nodded and walked off without a word. I followed him, but the kitchen led onto the living room and Lune looked up, slowly followed by Death.

"I'm busy Corelle,” and with that he walked out of the door.

"Okay," I said, choked and went over to Lune. I sat next to him on the comfy sofa where we had watched so many movies together I looked up at my former lover and sighed. And then buried my head in my hands. "I don't know what to do."

Death growled wordlessly under her breath, “excuse me,” she rose and went to follow Mune out of the front door, “I’ll be back later to collect you for the gathering.” I didn’t say another word to her and she walked out with a curse, muttered under her breath.

The End

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