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He kissed me firmly, full of passion and divinity. I kissed him back and hummed slightly. “Wanna watch a show?” He whispered into my ear and his hand ran through my hair, smoothing it as he went.

"Aren't you the greatest show on Earth?" I asked, leaning up to kiss him again and he smiled, pulling away from me as he spoke.

"Oh, you haven't seen anything yet." He grinned, kissing me back willingly and warmly.

"I don't believe anything could top you,” I replied but he already made the fire roar with life. It startled me a little, but the fire was warming, comforting, and I sunk into him. He smiled.

The fire flickered, turning into the form of a stag in a forest. Around it were rabbits made of flame. They ran at the sound of thunder and men appeared in their stead. Men and women on horseback, horses with horns, with wings or spikes and even horses of bone and spirit - The Gods rode strong. The fire crackled, as the sound of horse hooves echoed through the house.

“The Gods, we loved to hunt. But we always gave the prey a fair chance. We used to enchant them, with extra intelligence, or possibly flight. We hunted on our own horses and glorious beasts they were. My horse,” which appeared in a magnificent array of blue flame, “has a spiralled horn on its head and feathery white wings upon its back.”

The moon appeared behind the horses and they rode off into it. The scene slowly changed to them chasing the stags and rabbits that flew through the air or hid in trees. He spared me the details of the killing, skipping to the bit where they were gathered around the fire. “And when we had, had our fun we sat and told stories. Reminiscing about the good times, the times when all believed in our power. We ate the richest meats and drank the finest wines. Oh, those days were sweet.”

The fire ceased and he looked into my eyes, “you know. I want to take you to one of those nights. You would love them so much.”

I looked back. "I want to go too." I suddenly felt a chill run through me. My heart began pounding and tears stung at my eyes. If he could take me back in time, ... I tore my eyes away and choked "But I can't. Not knowing that the past was accessible. I'm sure there are rules and I don't want to break them - I don't want to be tempted to break them."

"No, fool," he murmured. "We have a meeting coming up soon, it'll be without the hunt and the stories will be the same as a hundred times before but I still think you'd love it."

"OH!" My cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "OH!" I ran upstairs and threw myself onto my bed. What a fool I was. Just because he was Time...

He appeared in my doorway in a moment’s notice, "Oh, now, you didn't need to run away."

"But it's all just so ... embarrassing," I said, crying.

"Oh what's wrong?"

"I was thinking of Lune," I sobbed. "And because I thought you were proposing to take me back in time, I was thinking of ... of seeing him again!"

"I could bring him back if you wish. I can take people back and bring people forward..."

I sat up. And stared at him. My expression was a strange mix of horrorstruck and hopeful

"You just have to ask, my sweet."

"But..." I looked down. "You realise I wouldn't love you while he was here, don't you? I mean, I'd still love you ... but I wouldn't ... kiss you. Or show my feelings for you."

"I know, I know that."

"How long could I see him for?" I whispered.

"As long as you want. He would never die."

"But the past? What would happen to history?"

"A mere hole I would easily stitch up."

"My memories?

"They would stay the same, unless you want me to get rid of them."

Very softly, I said "How much of an impact would it have on me if I forgot he died?"

"Not much. You'd be happier I think.2

I stared deep into his eyes. "I love you."

He swallowed, "I love you too."

I embraced him. "You won't be here forever," I murmured. "Perhaps it's better if I don't grow too attached." I kissed him nonetheless.

He swallowed harder, a tear escaping. "I know. So, would you like me to bring him back?"

Tears streamed down my face. "I don't know. I love you, Mune. I loved him too. It'd hurt you but if I had a chance to save his life, who would I be to say no?"

"He'd be here for you always."

"How much do you love me, Mune? Would you be able to bear it if I forgot you? Could you live knowing I was happy with another guy? Will your feelings pass or will they remain to torture you forever? What would happen to you?"

"What do you want to hear?"

I cried harder. "I want to hear something to comfort me but I need to hear the truth. I couldn't live with myself knowing I'd broken your heart."

Tears spilled over his cheek and he tried his best to stop them. "I love you, it would crush me to see you with someone else, but I would live to see you be happy. Eventually, you would die and I would have my grief but I must move on. Time can't stop. You understand?"

"Yes. Yes, I do and it's awful. I couldn't always have you since you switch forms but it would be horrible for you to never kiss me again while you could. At any time you were human, there would be the potential for you to love me before I died and if Lune were here, those opportunities would be taken away from you. I want to make a complicated deal that makes everyone happy."

"He is dead. I would have to unravel the fabric of time to bring him back but it is possible. It is your choice. But...there's something that is an option but... I didn't want to tell you. However, I think it's only fair for you to know all the options."

"Yes?" I said earnestly.

"How do you think new Gods are born?"

I shrugged. "A higher God makes them? Or else they are conceived?"

"God's were human once."

"No!" I gasped. "So you were?"


"Wow... So you're saying I could become a goddess?"

"It is possible," he nodded. "Yes."

"You've just made my life a hundred times harder," I whispered.

"You deserved to know."

"Go away, Mune. Come back in the morning. But realise that you've just given me an extraordinarily difficult choice that no one should have to make."

He looked at me, lost. "I have nowhere to..." he paused, looking at me and nodded. "As you wish."

The End

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