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"There are people, people who don't want me to turn back into my divine form. They will try to stop me from becoming a unicorn again. These people... last time... killed the woman I loved. Just because she loved me and it hurt me."

"No....," I gasped in shock, instantly filling with pain and sympathy.

"That's why I'm so cautious. I don't want you hurt."

"Oh, Mune." I could only look upon him and think of what these evil people were depriving me of.

"But I love you. And, ... now I know. I'll protect you. I won't let them get you," he murmured, taking a sip of his chocolate.

"Mune," I said hesitantly. "I don't want you take risks for me. What if they target you next time?"

"They won't be so foolish. They won't attack me head on. And I won't be taking risks. The longer they leave it, the more powerful I get." He took my hand from across the table and kissed it softly. "I won't risk you."

I gazed longingly into his eyes. "Then I can be yours?" I murmured.

He placed his hands back around the white cup, warming them before sipping it. He took a painful moment thinking, before he nodded. "Yeah and I'll be yours."

It was strange. I felt unsure now. Even though there was no possible way Mune could fail in protecting me or himself, I couldn't help but thinking his enemies must be very powerful to hurt him before.

"I might take a bit more convincing than that," I said quietly. "Though I of course love you deeply."

"I love you..." he murmured sullenly, "I don't know how to prove that."

"You've proved that. But I need convincing that this is possible. That this is safe."

"I can turn you into any creature; I can make you fly away. I could make you protected by every element in the world. Corelle, I..." He stopped, drinking the last of his chocolate. "I'm sorry. I can't do anymore."

I chuckled. "That's very comforting. Although... I don't like the thought of you making me fly away. I think that would be going against my nature."

"I'd rather you fly away than stay and be hurt."

"Really?" I asked quietly, moving onto his lap. "Not sure I would." I looked up at him, my gaze intense

He linked his arms around my waist and drew me close. "Well, I hope it will never happen."

I continued to gaze at him, straight up into his eyes. "Me too, I think flying away would hurt me more."

He kissed my forehead softly, "I'm sorta glad I became human. I miss love. It's something I never feel when I'm a unicorn. Mmm," he murmured pulling me even closer to him. "It's the best thing for a cold winter."

"Definitely," I said, smiling, putting my arms around him and nestling up against him. "Let's go somewhere else now," I said quietly.

He ran a hand through my hair. "But where?"

"I don't know. My house?"

"Great idea, I could show you a fire dream!" He grinned, waiting for me to slip off his lap before getting up, leaving money on the table. He put his arm around my waist and tugged me close to him.

I leant up and kissed his cheek as we walked home. "What's a fire dream?"

"It's a tale. We gods used to tell to each other around the campfire. But we used to make the fire roar up, creating the characters with the flames."

"Oh wow... Sounds amazing, but you know I'll be more interested in you than the story."

"Oh, that'd be a shame," he smiled. "Some gods use fire dreams to lull humans to sleep while they work. I'm glad I don't have to work hard mind."

"Lull us to sleep?" I asked, looking at him. "Would you ever do that to me and let me miss out on your company?"

"No. That's not my job. You've heard of Santa Claus surely? What about death?"

"Oh... I thought you meant in general." I shivered. "And could we not talk about death?"

"I'm sorry. She's rather nice. I'll introduce you one day; she's a good friend of mine." He kissed me softly before opening my door and ushering me in. "The entire of us are rather nice."

 I stepped back from him, slightly frightened. "What's wrong?"

"Death took my Lune."

"I know, but I'm friends with all gods. I am Time. Once a month, we all get together in human form and sit around a giant fire. There we tell stories, and reminisce. All gods are friends, sometimes lovers, with the rest."

"I don't like the thought of it..."

"You'd love it. Especially Love. He's so comforting. Cosmos, she's got the best stories! Terra, she's so strong, the competitions her and Cyclone have almost destroyed the world once," he laughed, getting excited at the prospect.

"How?" I asked curiously, stepping forward, brightening at the thought of Love. Love had helped me so much in my life.

"Well, Terra is Goddess of the Earth. Cyclone governs the air. They... well; they decided to have a power contest. A tornado, plus an Earthquake... let's say it took all of us to clean up the mess."

"But what about the humans?" I asked, although unable to deny my fascination.

"There were none. It destroyed all the dinosaurs though," he giggled.

"Oh... But that's very destructive." I sighed, becoming pensive. "Why must things always have an element of destruction? Love does; Death basically is a form of destruction; you've said that Earth and Air do; water drowns people; and you..." I shook my head in wonder. "You are so many people's enemy."

"But we created so much. If the dinosaurs were not destroyed we would have never created humans or other beings. Plus. Each God has a town or in some cases a city. We give life to those people. From destruction comes life."

I sighed. "I suppose." I fell quiet, thinking about the last thing I had said. Truth be told, Time had once been my worst enemy. Could I really love him?

"Plus, Cosmos isn't destructive," he murmured, swallowing slightly before walking into the front room.

I followed him. "I'm sorry," I murmured. "But when Death took Lune, ... I ... I resented you so much. For passing so quickly, for being so short. It was only natural - I loved him. I wanted to ... I don't know. I loved him. You can understand that, can't you? Can't you, Mune?"

"I have no choice. I can only work in accordance with the ways."

I walked up to him and hugged him. "I still love you," I said. And it was true. I could never truly hate him. After all, maybe gods had no more choice than we did. Perhaps every part of the universe was resigned to its fate, divine or not.

"Fate is the most powerful of us all. He doesn't go to the fires. He sits in his royal throne. He is old..." He sighed, sitting in the chair and pulling me onto his lap. "But, I just want to enjoy being with you."

"Me too. I'm sorry for bringing this up." I kissed him, on the lips.

He closed his eyes, kissing back and as I pushed more emotion into it he pulled back, "I miss this. I miss Love. Thank you."

I laughed. "Love is selfish. I want to make you happy for my benefit." I held him tightly and said "I don't ever want you to leave me. I want to possess your heart. I don't think you should be thanking me."

Mune laughed. "I think I have every reason to be thanking you. I need to thank the one that holds possession of my heart."

The End

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