Divine Intervention?Mature

He looked at me sweetly and then took my hand. He led me to a little place outside of the town. It was a church that was old and dilapidated. The roof had caved in and the wood was worn. Colourful flowers surrounded the base in delicate hues. He carefully stepped between them before entering the building through the open doorway. The hinges remained, but the door was missing.

He walked through the flowers that grew through the cracked wood on the floor. He walked silently and rested on his knees before a marble unicorn statue, whispering softly before it. I joined him, moving as close to his side as possible. I pray fervently for the amelioration of this fallen town.

A woman walked in she had long blonde hair and a snow-leopard tail that swept behind her. Two white ears protruded from her head and as I looked down she wore no shoes, instead she had paws for feet. She had silvery blue eyes with black feline slits, "Oh! Visitors, welcome," she bowed. She wore a white silk gown and radiated beauty. I shrank into a metaphorical shell, instantly shy. I felt a little sad that Mune and I would be drawn from this perfect, private, spiritual moment. I had felt almost as if we were linked by the views we shared and the moment we were sharing now.

Mune stood and bowed back, "You are... pure." He murmured.

She blushed a little, bowing again, "yes. My mother and father believed in Mune strongly. I've kept his ideals safe, at least in this place." I felt jealous. I stood, feeling heat rise to my cheeks because I was imperfect. "I just thought of something I need to do," I lied, further proving that I was imperfect. I walked off, losing myself among the gravestones.

"Wait! Corelle!" He called, running after me. "Corelle, what's wrong?" He murmured when

I turned. "I'm being incredibly foolish. I'm sorry. I can't - ... Oh, I don't know what I can't do. I wish I'd loved you forever. I wish I could be everything you want your people to be. I want to make this whole town perfect. For you. You move me so deeply - touching a profound spiritual part of me I never realised existed. I love you so much. But I'm not perfect. I've not been all that I can be. I'm not worthy to be called your daughter."

"Its fine, you are perfect. You know your faults. You love and care for the people here. You are like me in so many ways," he whispered, opening his arms to welcome me close to him.

I walked into his arms, nestling against him. "I'm sorry. I love you." I held him tightly. "I never want to let you go. You fill my whole life; give me a reason to live." I kissed his chest through his shirt. "I love you," I repeated. He relaxed against me, warming me up as I shared his body heat. The winters in Coldstone were a little too cold.

He rested his head against mine, "don't feel down or insecure. You're beautiful Corelle."

"Everyone's beautiful," I murmured, but at that moment, I didn't believe it. I felt special, individual. Like someone who Mune valued and was worthy of Mune's high opinion.

"And you're even more so for saying that, oh I'm so proud," he grinned, kissing my head softly, just between my ears.

I chuckled as the kiss tickled. "I like making you proud," I said, almost reverting to the way I had spoken in my days of childhood.

"And I love seeing you so happy, don't ever frown."

"I won't, Mune."

He bent down a little, kissing me softly. "Thank you."

I smiled, my heart skipping a little beat as I was caught up in the moment.  "Let's go back to the lady. I'm sorry for embarrassing you." He shook his head.

"I think being human's getting to me," he grinned as he took my hand, his cheeks flushing a soft pink.

"No, our tainted natures could never touch you," I said, stroking his arm reassuringly.

"You're divine, Corelle. Don't be so foolish."

I blushed. "You're being far too complimentary. I'm not half as perfect as you say I am."

He put a finger to my lips carefully, "now now. I'm the God. What I say, goes." He smiled, laughing slightly as he grinned.

I grinned back. "Yes, whatever you say." I murmured through chuckles of random joy before wrapping my arm around his waist.

He placed an arm around my shoulders, "You know, I'm going to take you for a hot chocolate. It's getting rather cold out here."

"Okay," I said, but inside my stomach is doing somersaults.

He cuddled me closer and whispered, "You’re not cold are you?"

I gazed up into his eyes, my breath quickening. "Not with you around."

"That's good," He kissed my head again, "I don't want to let you go either," he blushed.

"Don't be embarrassed," I murmured, seriously. "Maybe this is how it's meant to be. I feel so close to you right now, and it's not just because you're holding me."

"I'm not meant to love," he muttered. "This happened last time." He then ushered me into a small cafe where he bought me a hot chocolate and one for himself. We sat at the table furthest from the door. And he sighed.

I frowned. "What? Mune?" My grip tightened on him. He shook his head and sighed again.

“There are people, people who don’t want me to turn back into my divine form.”

The End

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