It had been mere seconds since Mune had walked out the door.

Oh, what was I doing?! I ran out after him, calling "Mune! Wait!"

As he stopped and turned, smiling slightly, I caught up with him.

"I knew you'd find your better judgement," he said.

I winced slightly as the words ran through my mind and part of me fancied he was being romantic.

"You have to be careful," I told him. "My heart feels like it's hanging on the edge."

"Oh, I'm sorry. But I was right. The sun is lovely and warm."

I nodded. "I didn't think you were wrong. I don't think you could ever be wrong."

"Oh, I have," he replied, surprising me. "But come, tell me what's changed here."

I shrugged. "People don't care about each other. That pretty much sums up every problem that's arisen."

"So, living conditions are okay?" he asked. "Enough jobs? Clean water?"

I found myself becoming dangerously closer to loving him as I admired his concern for his people.

I hated to disappoint him by answering "There's a lot of poverty."

He sighed, and for one brief moment I wished the world was perfect. Purely so he could be happy. "Can you take me there?"

"Yeah," I answered. "But you won't like it," I added in an undertone.

I led him to the area of the town suffering the most from a lack of money. Here, people lined the streets, living on them with only one set of clothing. Some sold things while others had just given up and were sitting there until they died.

"Oh dear," he murmured, looking around in despair. "Whatever happened here?"

I wanted to hold him. Hold him and tell him that everything was okay. Tell him that I'd always be perfect for him and make him happy.

But this wasn't the time or place, and he was a god.

"Gambling, unpayable debt, unlawful repossession by people in powerful positions," I answered glumly. "Society has just deteriorated."

"I'll have to fix this place up, I need to do something," he murmured, before holding up his hands. "People of Coldstone! I am here to re-build your houses, to bring you back to the history I knew. People, if you spread my word I will heal you all!"

People laughed at him and I winced. I had doubted that the townsfolk would recognise him as a god.

"Does no one here remember how this town was built?!"

"D'you think we're ancient?" someone called, earning himself shouts of agreement from his fellows.

"But stories are passed down through the ages!"

"Yeah, but no one listens to all that rubbish anymore," another person called back.

I felt bad for Mune. These were his people and they had lost faith in him. How demoralising, how painful must that be.

"Rubbish? Would you like your houses back?"

I suddenly felt the need to speak up. "He can! I know how incredible it all seems but he is capable of brilliant things. He made me look more feline, gave me the ability to tell little children stories."

"Tell stories? Oh! How powerful!" they jeered.

"Fine!" he called, washing the peasants in a shroud of light and making them all dressed in the finest silks. "Now please, spread my word to the upper-town and I'll build you all wonderful homes!"

The peasants gasped in shock and wonder as they gazed about themselves. Then they ran off jumping and cheering.

"I don't think half of them will spread your word," I murmured as they left.

"It doesn't matter: the purest of heart will do what they know is right," Mune replied. "And nevertheless I will help them. It is my duty."

I nodded, gazing at him with respect in my eyes. "I believe you." And suddenly I felt the need to convey to him that I would always be a perfect disciple. I leant up and kissed his cheek, flushing slightly and averting my eyes as I drew back.

He kissed my forehead back and I looked up to see him smile. "I knew you would."

His smile filled me with joy and ... love, but spiritual love rather than romantic love. I was flattered and amazed by the faith he had in me, and it was so gratifying to feel my faith in him being reciprocated in this manner. I knew that from this moment onwards, I would always try to please him.


The End

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