Moonlit StrollMature

A romance.

The moons hung heavily in the sky, but still it did little to light the forest path. The path itself was well-worn by the villagers of Coldstone, it led to the outside world. Coldstone itself was a village enclosed completely by forest, the only path out was guarded. But only in the day. There were rumours about the forest.

Rumours of brutal creatures.

I did not care; I walked into the forest with no fear. I wanted an adventure, away from my tiny village. The trees, which normally radiated bright pink, blue and green leaves were all black in the dim light. Although the two moons were full, they never held much light. The smaller one, Gigas, was a light blue colour and barely glowed at all. Our star was small, making our world cold during the day and freezing during the night. But we are cold-blooded people.

 The forest was dark, but I held an oil lantern in my hand. Our people had evolved to see in the dark, but it was only heat vision, like snakes. So in this cold forest, we need extra light to see. I only lit the lantern once I was safely out of sight vision from the village, but the faint glow was nothing to what I saw next.

In the distance was a vibrant, ethereal glow. It seemed as though a star had fallen just inches from my face. But then I saw the creature that was harboured within that light, just like an egg. It was radiating beauty, with its black sorrowful eyes and long white mane. But what caught my attention was the twisted, ivory horn that protruded from the centre of its head.

It looked at me, it looked scared, its glow dulled and it staggered forward, falling on its front legs it collapsed to the floor. Upon closer inspection I saw the wound that oozed crimson liquid from its neck. It looked up at me, a faint whinny escaping its perfectly shaped muzzle. And I bent down beside it, my hand caressing its soft, silky skin and running through its heavenly, light mane.

Upon closer inspection, his eyes were actually and incredibly dark blue, midnight blue, blue like the night sky when the sun had just set. The slight reflections from the oil lantern in its eyes were like stars studding the atmosphere above us.  I placed the lantern on the floor beside us, so as not to startle it with the brightness. Oh, you poor, poor thing.

I gazed back into its eyes, scared myself. Scared that the only chance I got to see such a beauty and it would die on me. But then, it changed. The light that flashed before me then enveloped my whole vision, blinding me. When the light dimmed and my eyes eventually adjusted I saw a man, his eyes were closed and his skin was so pale, white almost. His hair was platinum blonde and fell to his shoulders in thick locks. It parted around his forehead as if to leave space for where his horn should be.

I sheepishly reached out a hand to touch his bare skin and he was stone cold, no doubt if he didn’t die of blood-loss he would die of cold. I took off my cloak and wrapped it around him, a light blush appearing on my cheeks as I covered him up. I then ripped a part of my shirt, tying it round his neck to stem the bleeding. His eyes flickered as I pulled it tight. He was a grown man; I wouldn’t be able to carry him on his own. I needed help, but I couldn’t call on anyone... I’d just have to try.

As I wrapped my arms around his waist to hoist him up his eyes flickered again and he became as light as feather. I’d have to take him back to mine to treat him; there was no way he could stay here. He’d surely die.

The End

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