Escape to Fear #4, Are you scared of spiders?Mature

I run andf continue till I find a door. I yank it open then try and stop... cause I didn't expect the stairs. I scream as I begin to roll down them. It tears at the dress and I know again I'm changing outfits. How many times is he going to mess with me like this?

Then I hit the floor. I look up to see no door.... and no stairs. Well great way in gone but at least I past that fear. Who thought I feared vampires? No who thought I feared being turned into one?

I moan and sit up. What was I wearing now then? I could barely see my fingers when I put them in front of my face never mind trying to see what I was wearing. I tried to get to my feet but it was painful. Shit, I think I got cuts during the fall. Seems Kieran couldn't be bothered to heal these ones.

Maybe he thinking he should make the task a lot harder for me. Ingured and having to face my fears. "Right, no point standing around" I mutter then begin to walk forward. My hands out in front of me but not too far. Seen that too many times to fall for. The person being yanked by their arms and being eaten.

I feel a movement near my feet and relise I have no shoes on. What the hells down there? I continue to move and feel something squish beneath my foot. I squeeze my eyes shut and continue. I know what this is.

Its my fear of being trapped in the dark..... with spiders. I hold back a scream as one begins up my leg. "I'm suprised you're more afraid of spiders than monsters" Kieran's voices whispers.

"It depends on the situation" I whisper back frozen in place. Kieran laughs and I feel his arms slide round my waist from behind. I shiver. His arms are cold.

"You can get out of here any time if you just say yes" Kieran whispers. "And I think I like this outfit"

"I don't even know what I'm wearing" I gasp as he begins to kiss my neck. I feel his hand on my uncovered stomach...... shit, I'm wearing a crop top. Kieran's other hand just pulls me back closer to his body.

"You would only have to give me your mortality Evee.... Not that you have it anymore" He whispers.

"What?!?" I yell. I yank my body out of his arms and spin round to face him while backing away slightly. "You've.... taken my mortality"

"A lot of girls would jump at the chance to live forever with someone like me" Kieran says tilting his head. So thats what he's been taking from me every kiss. My mortality... he's been making me immortal.

"And what are you?" I choke out. Kieran smiles then shakes his head. He chuckles slightly before looking back up at me.

"You have to work it out for yourself Evee. Just know that I know more about you then anyone else will ever know" He says then he's gone and I'm left with the spiders.

"I need to find the way out" I whisper as two travel up my left leg and cause me to begin to panic a lot more.

The End

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