Stop and TurnMature

I was about to speak when the music stopped. Kieran looked angry when it did. He obviously wasn't expecting this.... Well he was expecting it just not so soon. Everyone around us turned to face the back of the room. Kieran looked that way as well.

I moved myself round still in his arms to see what was causing the commotion. "Seems you've lost your chance to avoid this one" Kieran whispers. He lets go of me and strides off through the crowd. I try to turn and follow him but again he's gone disapeared somewhere I can't follow.

I feel a lancing pain through my body and put my hand to my stomach. Then the speaking begins. "My fellow kin" A voice rings out. Its lady like but has a powerful strong ring to it.

I turn to see the sorce of the voice to see a tall pale figure. Her hair is a golden blond not fair like mine but a honey sort of golden. Her skin is pale and see is wearing a golden dress.

She looks like a godess, my mind whispers. All the people around me knee or cutsy to the floor. I hesitate but then curtsy myself. The godess like lady begins to walk through the crowd and when she reaches me she stops. "So this must be Sir Kieran's human guest" she says spitting out the word human as if it was discusting.

She takes a firm grip on my chin and tilts my face up. "Although you seem to have the qualities I would need for a new vampire.... you could probably pass for my own child when we move homes" She say smiling. Its then I see her fangs and I can't help but wimper slightly before biting my lip to hold the rest back.

Everyone around rises then begins to form a circle round me. "What do you think my darling kin? Does she deserve to join the children of midnight as my new child?" The women vampire asks looking round.

"Yes, Our fair Queen Pandora" the whole room chorus's. It makes my eyes go wide. How the hell does Kieran expect me to excape this one? I should have run while we were dancing.

"Then she shall join us" The Queen says releasing my face. "Now you young one... choose, Run or Join"

A section of the circle opens up making a running space to the door. I get to my feet and try and find Kieran's face. And when I do its sitting on the throne's arm chair. He's smiling smugly and is flipping something in his fingers.

I start to work out what it is but then. "Choose Now!" The Queen demands. I look to the door then back to the queen. Suddenly I feel something cold against my leg..... a stake??

"Run" I say then yank the stake from beneath my leg before burying it in the Queen's chest. All the vampires cry out in pain and are distracted long enough for me to make it out the door. "CATCH THE CHILD!" A voice screams out, shrill and definetly pissed off.

So she isn't dead. Aint that just great. I don't stop running but when I pass a wall with swords I grab one. Its heavy but I can lift it enough to use it. I continue my run down the hallway.

Damn you to hell Kieran.... even though I'd probably have to go with you. I hate to admit it but I'm falling for him. Even with what he's doing to me.

The End

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