Power of mineMature

I reached the table and the cloaked figure limped in behind me. "What do I do?" I yell turning to face him. I now understand the rocks which slowly have lit up with each passing ten minutes.

"You need to use the power in your blood..... Blood turns it into his gateway" the cloaked man explains. I turn back to the table. I'm going to have to cut myself. Sit on the table and make myself bleed enough for it too pool.

I take a deep breath then pull myself onto the table while also getting out the dagger. I turn so I'm sitting facing the man whose watching with awe. "Please don't harm anyone else..... and free yourself from him" I whisper. Its then a slice a cut across my wrist with a painful yell.

I lower it onto the table so it will drop the blood there. Slowly I feel the table shake and then... I'm falling. I scream out as I'm dragged down into darkness. Please.... not falling again. As I fall I feel a searing pain on my wrist which I strangely know is my cut healing.

Then I land.... hard. I moan as I sit up feeling the rock beneath my fingers. Am I in some sort of cave?

I blink my eyes so I can see then notice the torches on the wall. The ancient paintings to match the old style of them.

I hear the sound of marching footsteps and jump to my feet ready to fight. But I find the hand that was clutching the dagger empty. "Oh, great" I hiss. Its then that soldiers come into view.

Wearing the silver armour to match. I stare shocked as they approach drawing their swords. I put my hands up. "What are you doing here? This castle is off limits to people who are not invited to Midnight Ball"

"What is the Midnight ball?" I ask.

"Well, it is a ball of Vampires aint it sweety... Everyone knows that"

The End

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