Fear #2: SacrificeMature

I stumble through the doors and into a forest. My eyebrows crease together and the door slams behind me. It causes me to jump and spin round. But all I see behind me is a tree. I pass my hand along the bark and don't find anything that could have made it a door.

I shake my head. "If I get out of here I might need therapy" I mutter and turn to begin walking through the forest. I continue to walk until I come to this stone circle. Almost like the stone henge that I visited with my parents last year.

But in the centre is a large table.... Its covered in dark stains and I gasp as I relise its blood. Its a sacrafice table. I stumble away and turn to run only to find 5 figures in long black cloaks.

"Oh crap" I whisper. I begin to retreat. They follow me as I end up against the table. They form a straight line then say in chorus.

"The Sacrafice for our Saviour has arrived" The words are hollow and with no emotion even hinted in them. I gulp nervously and run round the table so its between me and them.

"Whose your saviour?" I ask, having an inclining that I know who it is. I hear an echo laugh and look up to see Kieran sitting on one of the stones creating the circle.

"He is our saviour" The cloaked people say in chorus. I clamp my teeth as I continue to look up at him with now annoyance.

"You better start running otherwise they will catch you and you will lose" Kieran says smiling.

The End

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