What happened next I would never forget. As soon as the creature jumped I put the knife in front of me. It easily sliced through his skin and into his chest penetrating where would be his heart.

He obviously had one because when the knife stuck he froze. His eyes went wide and he collapsed. I realeased the knife in my hands and let it fall with him to the floor still buried in his chest. I stood there staring taking deep frightened breaths that were skitterish.

"Well, well, well" I look up my movements scared and quick. Keiran's leaning against the door frame staring down at the dead body of the creature on the floor. His eyes travel up to mine and he smiles. "I thought this actually might be more trickey for you but you seem to actually have a back bone"

He walks forward and I move back away from him. I can't let him near me. I'll lose all my senses if he gets to close. He stops noticing my scared retreat from him. "You can't hold back what you feel Evee. You're less in control of what you feel more than I am"

"And what do you feel?" I whisper. Somethings nagging at me. He may want my soul but there is more to this than a simple chase game. More feeling behind it that I can actually understand.

"I'm going to let you work that out for yourself" He says leaning down and yanking the blade from the creature's chest. As soon as he does the body bursts into dust... a sort of think mucky type. "Now, I surgest that you should get yourself moving on to the next level... You do know the way out of houses right?"

He flashes a smile and my heart jerks so much I take a stumbling step forward. Enough such that he can pull me into his arms. He smiles as he tilts up my head and brings his lips down on mine. At first its soft but then I begin to feel something being yanked inside me. I think I felt it before when we first kissed but only after. But now its more painful. I can feel what he's doing to me during the kiss but can't pull away cause of the pleasure.

That undeniable feeling that I do feel for this guy.... Or is he a guy? The thought gives me the power to push away and stumble back. "What are you?" I whisper. The smile that had been on Kieran lips falls away.

"Better get out before the clock finishes striking twelve" He says then walks out of the door. I run after him only to find the hallway empty.

Then a clock begins to strike twelve. "Shoot" I hiss then race down the hallway till I find the door which I yank open and stumble through.

The End

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