Run or don't survive. One hour is a night hereMature

I reacted then. I grabbed hold of the chair and turned and wacked it at him the legs of the chair hitting his knee. It caused him to stumble sideways out of the way of the door and fall to his knees.

He looked up at me, eyes bright red and hissed. His teeth were sharp and I could see his hands becoming claws. But I didn't waste time. I ran through the door and down the hallway. I heard his fast light feet behind me. How could I excape this creature?

I turned and found stairs which I took without hesistation. I couldn't hesitate. If I did that creature behind me would torture me. Kill me most lightly. Would Kieran let it?

Something tell me that even if this thing caught me and began to kill me Kieran would have no problem stopping it and healing what ever wounds the creature had inflicted. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to give into him?

Once again the thought felt strange. Alien. Just like the though I had in the park about being Broken. Maybe he's doing it.... Kieran. But how can he enter my mind so easily? Take something from me with a single kiss.

I hear a massive crash behind me and look back to see the creature has caught up quite quickly and collided with the wall creating a huge crack. I turn my head away. If I keep looking back, I'll start to panic on how close he already is.

I turn when I get to the bottom of the stairs and come into some sort of kitchen. I'm starting to be thankful of the new clothes I got when entering this place. Its like they are perfect for what I'm having to do.... which is run. Even the tightness of the corset is helping my breathing remain calm.

I run up to a draw and yank it open to find large knifes.... the blades made of a sort of silver metal. I yank one from the door and spin round just in time to see Richard walk into the kitchen.

He looks more human at the moment and his eyes flick to the knife before back to me. "You don't want to use that girly. Just give in, I promise to make the torture quicker if you let me have you" he whispers occassional letters dragged out with a sort of hiss.

I shake my head and the creature bares his teeth his claws flicking out as he jumps at me. I scream.

The End

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