Trusting OneselfMature

When Kieran disappeared, I realised I was truly alone. My parents were out back on Earth (I had a feeling like sixth sense that I wasn't in the same dimension anymore) so they wouldn't even notice I had disappeared so no one else could rescue me from my predicament except myself.

Perhaps that was the first fear I had to face. The fear of knowing no one can help you and the only person who could possibly change your situation wanted to have your soul forever. That thought was not comforting: I was neither the bravest nor cleverest sort of girl.

Whatever happened, I knew that I was going to have to rely upon myself: trust my instinct a little bit more and use whatever resources available to aid me in the ending of this nightmare. I was going to have to learn to be tough, to fight. I needed more self-confidence. I gritted my teeth together. I can do this, I thought. And that's when I heard the creak on the stairs.

The End

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