The MazeMature

"Its a Maze" he says a faint smile playing across his lips. "Its a game of chase and you're the only player.... And prize"

"What?" I gasp. moving further back trying to find a door. But I see there isn't one. The only things in this room our like an old victoria bedroom. A bed, side tables, wardrobe and writing desk. "Where are we?"

"Like I said a Maze. This is the game" He sweeps his arms wide and I feel my heart lurch. Damn it, can't I even control my own emotions. I mean this guy... he's dangerous.

Its almost as if Kieran can hear my worrying thoughts cause he looks directly at me and smiles. "Do you want to now the rules?" He asks continueing to look deep into my eyes. I feel waves of dizzyness taking over me.

"Yes" I whisper. He's across the room in secound his arms wrapping around me pulling me into his embrace. I try to take a deep breath to speak but all I can do is stare. His face is so perfect, not a feature out of sync with the other.

"Rule One, each level is a fear of yours. Something that will frighten you terribly but its only the last level thats your deepest fear. Rule Two, You have an hour to excape each fear otherwise and this is the next rule. Rule Three, Any failure will cost to spend eternity with me. Finally Rule Four, I control the game but I will not make any level not have an excape. The whole game is fair" He says and with the last few words releases his me from his embrace so I can stumble backwards.

My breathing is heavy and I can't look away from him at all. "What if I don't want to play?" I whisper. He smiles coldly and I find a desirable shiver travel up my spine.

"If you do not play you will fail and have to swear yourself to me forever" he says passing two fingers along my cheek.

"Then I will play" I say stubbornly holding back another shiver that his touch would have caused. The smile falls from his lips. He waves his hand to the side and a door appears.

"Then the game begins" he says. I look at the door and begin to move towards it. I turn back to look at him but once again he's gone and the realisation of my situation hits me.

I'm trapped somewhere I can't excape. And the person who controls it wants my soul. So much that he's willing to force me in some way giving it too him. But in a way his control over the game is frightening so what I don't understand is why he doesn't just take it?

The End

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