He waves his arm out to the moon dial and my eyes fix on it. Slowly as the moon is revealed in the sky it begins to glow. A hypnotic pulsing that can only be discribed a beatiful beyound mesure. Something so simple that tugs at your soul.

"What is it?" I ask looking back at Kieran only to find him gone. The ground where he stood messed up but his actual self just.... gone. No footsteps. No retreat nothing?

I turn my head back to look at the sundial. No... this aint a sundial. Its a Moondial. I look at the inscription closely and how where the numbers should be, and use to be, there are moons. From new moon... to full moon, which the beam of light mainly rests on. I look up to the sky to see the moon shining through the clouds and yes its completely full.

My eyes flick back to the moondial. "That can't be right" I mutter and reach out. As soon as my fingers pass across the dial the pulsing glow bursts out with a great bright light. I want to yank my hand away but I can't.

Then I'm tumbling. Tumble throught some thick fog. It yanks at my clothes and I feel them being swapped. I want to scream out but I can't. Why is this happening to me? Why does this Kieran want me?

Its with these last two thought the tumbling finishes and I fall onto a rather large bed. I jump up only to fall over the quilt. I look down at my outfit. I know my headbands still in place but my clothes have completely changed.

I'm now wearing a tight black top long sleeved and with a corset over it pulling in just slightly tighter than it need to. I am also wearing some dark blue jeans with proper sneakers totally black except for the sole.

"What the fuck?" I whisper. Okay, I admit my reaction is a bit over done and this could all probably be a dream.

"This isn't a dream" I spin round to see Kieran leaning against a wall. He's wearing a loose black shirt and jeans but also has on one of those long coats. It is tight around the top with loose long sleeves with cuffs at the end, then past his waist it loosely goes out.

"Then what is it?" I choke out getting off the bed to put it between us. I need distance from this guy. The feeling he gives me go way down deep into my soul and I can no way control myself if he stands to close. But he took something from me and brought me into this place.

The End

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