During the first set of adverts, my mind wandered back to the words that had randomly appeared in my head this afternoon. Someone broken.

Why had I thought that? I wasn't broken. And it didn't make sense for me to suddenly think such a thing.

But, I was beginning to wonder... Maybe this foreign part of my mind was right. After all, what kind of a life had I led before moving here? I hadn't been able to trust a lot of people, and I'd always be worried about what they were saying about me behind my back. I'd had little confidence, almost no self-esteem. In a way, I was broken.

I mean, I didn't even properly trust my real friends: I suspected they had joined the mean crowd, even revealed my secret to a boy I had had a crush on. Doubtless everyone was laughing at me.

I had thought that moving would be a chance for a new start, but what if the kids at the new school were exactly the same? I would find it very difficult to make friends.

These worrying thoughts became oppressive as dark forces in my mind and I felt almost like I was suffocating in my own anxiety. Abandoning my TV programme (which made me think 'Do I like the supernatural because my own life is so rubbish?'), I stood up and decided to get some air. But where to go? It was night time. It would be dangerous outside. But I really needed this air. The room was becoming claustrophobic.

Wait! I could go in the garden. Nothing could happen there: not with those high wooden fences surrounding it.

I turned the TV off, walked down the hallway, out through the conservatory into the garden. I breathed in the refreshing air and felt much better.

Suddenly, shadows seemed to form in the air in front of me, slowly materialising into the shape of a boy. He had black hair with a curious deep blue hint to it and I realised, with a jolt, black eyes exactly like the ones I'd seen in the park. He had an amazing figure and that's when I realised he was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

I wanted to scream but when I opened my mouth no sound came out apart from a tiny squeak.

"How did you get here?" I whispered. "Who are you?"

"Which question do you want me to answer first?" he asked in an alluring voice, whcih seemed to tug at something deep within me and beckon me closer. I resisted.

"Who are you?" I decided.

"Well, that's a difficult question. I mean, could you honestly say exactly what defines you, openly discuss all of your personality traits with a total stranger and predict what legends will say about you in years to come?"

His answer annoyed me. He was deliberately answering the exact question I had answered him. It was true to say that who you were depended on all the things he had mentioned. All I had wanted was his name.

"What's your name, then?" I asked through gritted teeth.


"And what are you doing in my back garden, Kieran?"

"Anticipating some excitement."

"Really? What exciting thing is going to happen?"

"Well, you'll find out."

I looked into his eyes, trying to find the answer there. But the depths were unfathomable and alarmingly, I found myself starting to slide before I was suddenly falling through them. My mind instantaneously blanked but before that happened I found myself thinking 'He really is beautiful.'

I was losing myself in that gaze which held so much darkness, so much mystery and so much danger. All three of which were thrilling and attractive.

I stopped falling and now found myself completely captivated, not just by his eyes, but by him. It was as if that journey through his eyes had shown me why the boy was so desirable. I stood there, rooted to the spot, just staring into those eyes.

"I came here to give you something," Kieran said, smiling.

"Give me something?" I repeated stupidly, rendered irrational and incapable of coherent thought by those eyes which were almost hypnotic.

"Yes," Kieran replied.

He approached me. I couldn't move but I found I didn't want to. I wanted him to approach me, to be enveloped by his black-on-black aura.  I was excited about the thought of him touching me.

Kieran was smiling, such a dark irresistible smile. I felt my heart pull on the veins and arteries around it as it tried to get closer to him.

"Close your eyes," he murmured, in a voice that set my heart racing and sent shivers down my spine.

I obeyed, helplessly smitten and shocked into submission by the intensity of ... him (his eyes, voice and aura).

I felt the cold brush of lips on my own and then the ground was shaking. His kiss tasted like the sweetest honey (and I fancied I could taste the flavour on my tongue), the most refreshing drop of water as if I had had a parched throat, the ripest strawberries dipped in warm melting chocolate and the most perfect bite of red apple which made me think of temptation. It was intoxicating and I felt like I was becoming drunk on it as I kissed him back; I was losing my inhibitions, feeling dizzy and soaring through the night sky as he lured me to his secret kingdom. My arms wrapped around his neck and I clung onto him tightly as feelings of longing, passion and euphoria overwhelmed my senses. There was so much darkness and fear that I felt like letting go of him would mean dropping into a deep pit of despair where unspeakable monsters lurked. His aura surrounded me and the sensation became enhanced. I was falling again but this time through his passion. I heard parts of 'The Phantom of the Opera' music: the lyrics (with the tune behind them) 'My power over you grows stronger yet' and 'The phantom of the opera is there, inside my mind'. It did indeed feel like Kieran was in my mind and like I was under his power.

Then suddenly, it stopped. I tumbled down through sky onto the earth. I opened my eyes, bewildered and only experiencing a faded version of the feelings as the effect of his kiss began to wear off.

I felt weak, but not just emotionally. It was as if I had just run several miles and my muscles were turning to jelly. The feeling seemed to be linked to something in my mind, as if some sort of psychic energy I hadn't been aware of having had been drained.  

I continued to stare at Kieran, now terribly lovestruck. I was completely under his control - the initial power I had been under was the influence of his passion - but now I could feel myself ready to be compliant.

"Be mine," he whispered.

Suddenly, I could think clearly again. I had some notion that Kieran had caused me to become dazed and allow him to kiss me and that now he wanted to give me the chance to speak my intentions and be rational so that the decision was mine and mine alone.

I gulped. "You're d-dangerous," I stammered. "I should be terrified."

"Will you join me, though?"

My heart was aching in my chest. I was undeniably in love with him. But this boy could control my mind, had drained me of something which I felt I needed and could destroy me with one small seemingly insignificant action.

"No," I whispered.

"Fine. The game (the afore mentioned excitement of the evening) commences."

"What game?"

The End

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