Home AloneMature

As soon as I close the door I dump my bag and run upstairs. I find my headband on the bedside table and grab it before sliding it on pushing back my hair. Its a silver one and has only small flower engravings on it.

I skip back down the stairs and grab my backpack from the door before going into the kitchen. I pack all the stuff away. Eggs, Bread, Milk, Pasta, Pizza, Chips, Cheese, Bacon, Bottle of Dr Pepper, Cerial and some beans.

I hand my backpack on the back of the kitchen door and set on making Pizza and Chips for lunch. I dig into my pocket for my phone and my fingers pass over a piece of metal. I pull it out to find out its a meddallion and there is a think silver chain attached.

Where the hell did this come from?

I shrug then put it on the counter side. I turn to grab a glass from the cupboard and when I turn back round I freeze..... cause the medallions gone leaving in its place a soot mark on the wood of a Sundial?

I frown then look out the kitchen window to the back seeing the sundial placed in the middle of the garden. I shiver. Why does that thing scare me so much? Its just a piece of rock.

I shake my head rolling my eyes and turn back to consentrate on pouring a glass of Dr Pepper then fixing my dinner. Home alone.

Why do I feel so shifty at the thought? Why did I feel shifty in the park? I can't even remember, all I remember is being annoyed at the fact I left my headband when the weathers so sunny.

I shove the Pizza and Chips into the oven. Then picking up my drink, I go into the living room. I sit down and switch on the tv using the v+ to watch last night Vampire Diaries. Lets find out what Elena's going to do about this problem shall we?

The End

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