3 weeks gone by....Mature

Cruddy Parents. They have to choose the day that I need to go shopping to take their monthly 'parent' weekend away. Blimey, we've only been in Wicca for three weeks and their back to their old routines with minor adjustments.

Me? I'm having one hell of a time adapting. It doesn't help that I'm having to walk the five miles home from the shops on a sunny day my waterfall blond hair reflecting brightly and causing the edge of my vision to go blindingly bright.

Why, oh, why! Did I have to inheirite my mothers bright blond hair which she's never dyed. Its not even gone grey yet.... more white. Uh, not looking forward to that either.

Do I really sound as moany as I do in my head normally? No, of corse not. Its just that I'm annoyed at having to carry my backpack home filled with food. Okay, I'm walking along Helimer Street which is the only street on this side of town that I can take to cut through the park to get home.

I storm angrily through the gates and glare up at the sky. Its a pretty nice day and if it wasn't for the fact I forgot to wear my headband to keep my hair back from my face I'd probably enjoy it. The sun that warming my pale skin.

I never seem to get a tan another fact I probably don't fit well here. Nearly everyone is sooo....... tanned?!?! Its slightly freaky.

I walk into the park and cut up the right path. There are a few families here today. I can see Jeremy and his family. He notices me and waves. I wave back half heartedly befor continueing on my way.

Not that Jeremy aint a nice guy he's just one of those football jerks that look for the girl with looks and don't care about the personality. No way am I a dumb blond and gonna fall for his charm. I mean its not that I don't feel it.... its just that I want someone like me.

Someone broken..... Wait, what?? No. I look around like I'm searching for something and this causes me to walk straight into a young guy. "Ah, sorry" I yell as he takes my wrist and pulls me back to my feet.

I look up and gasp. His eyes.... they seem black. But then its gone and I shake my head. "Sorry" I mumble then continue on my way past him. I feel like he's still watching me a few minutes later and look back down the path to find it completely empty.

Strange? I should still be able to see him. I shrug then begin to walk up the path once again. I'll tell you. I did not one bit enjoy my walk home.

The End

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