I knew we were going to rescue Kieran.... I just didnt know how. All at the moment I could think about was that Alex was wrong. That Kieran had shown true emotions to me. I mean his great ancestor must of had emotion to fight back so why cant Kieran have emotion.

Maybe it just takes someone or something to make them change there mind about there world. But Kieran didn't change his mind about his world. He just changed his mind on how he wanted to live it. He had wanted to keep me there, immortal with him forever in what could of been deceiving bliss. What is Alex was right? What is Kieran didn't love me.... No, I cant believe that.

His love had been to pure for it to be fake. Thats why I had ran. Because is was so pure.... too perfect. Right now I'm sitting on my bed staring at the head band I had never put on again after coming back. It had hints of gold on and that makes me sad. Reminded me too much of Kieran to put on again. What would he look like now?

Something tells me not the same. Even though I still look the same except the shine to my skin the gold hint to my eyes. I fall back onto my bed and sigh heavily. I need to get Alex to help me. I need to make him understand how much Kieran matters. How different Kieran is to what he thinks.... but will he believe me?

The End

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