I am a guardianMature

"The Moonlit maze are many and is impossible to excape for nearly every targeted person. It is based on a game thats contains your nightmares and holds the lure of your desires" Alex says. "And then there are the people who control the Moonlit Maze and the people behind them in the other realm. Their looks are almost sculptured by angels yet there own souls are ruled by a man so evil even death itself refuses to take him"

I swallow nervous. Is that who Kieran went to see so randomly. "What you mean the people in the other realm?"

"Some of their kind dont posses a Moonlit Maze only those in high regard of the Death's Creature, their ruler who like I just told you holds their souls, get granted one. They usually use them to lure in slaves for the rest of soceity and sometimes for their own pleasure which is rare cause they have no soul, no love, no emotion" Alex sighs sitting down on a golden stool which colour turns to a murky gray. I stare at it then shake my head.

"Alex, How do you know this?" I whisper.

"I'm a guardian" Alex says looking at me directly. "A child of heiratage of one of that race who stole back there soul and ran to earth. Our entire family swears to protect the secret they learn at 16 and are shown the portal to the other world..... I am the only son left. Both my sisters were captured. This..." He says gesturing around. "..is to help me get them back"

The End

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