"Got out of the Moonlit Maze," he replied.

"Why? Don't people often get out?"

Alex shook his head. "Evee," he murmured. "They almost never get out."

"But why?"

Alex didn't answer. He was striding away, through the hallway, the living room and the porch, out into the moonlight. I ran out after him, confused yet slightly wary. I felt I could no longer trust Alex - he had kept something from me all this time and now he knew something about Kieran's game and world.

And what was happening to me? I felt tingly all over, like I had been electrocuted but without feeling the pain.

Alex was leading me along the dark streets, past dozens of brick houses, towards the park.

"What's going on?" I shouted as I jogged to keep up with him.

He didn't answer, just kept on walking: a look of determination on his face.

A quarter of a deathly silent hour later, we arrived at a tall white mansion. But we didn't go outside. Alex led me round to the back where there was a small wooden shed with peeling paint a bird-poo-splattered roof. He opened the door with a key from his pocket and beckoned me inside.

He switched on an electric light and illuminated the interior of the building.

The shed's contents were like nothing I had ever seen in my life. Masks with feathers and scary faces hung on the walls, sharp Stone-Age-like tools were laid out on a table, digeridoos stood like mini totem poles in a corner of the room and to my shock, I found myself staring at a moondial similar to the one I had seen on the night Kieran had visited me in my garden...

"What's going on?" I repeated, and this time, Alex looked prepared to give me an answer.

The End

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