What the hell you doing?!?!Mature

Alex jumped to his feet snatching my diary off the floor and marching out of the room. "ALEX!" I yell running after him. He takes the stairs to at a time and I follow annoyed. "Where you going?"

"We need to go to my house" He says. I stop short in the corridor. His house.... he's never allowed me to go there. He's always avoided the subject. Alex turns to see me frozen and shocked. He shakes his head then takes a deep breath. "I know I'm acting strange Evee but there's more to this world than just-"

"I know" I choke out cutting him off. My mind flashes with Kieran the sweet memories we shared. The pureness of our love that I discovered wasn't true cause of his lies. Alex eyes widen then become almost angry.

"What did you do Evee?" He hisses. His tone is harsh and I step back slightly. His eyes are fixed on my and my heart begins to pound with fear. I've never seen Alex like this before.

"I.... I didn't do anything. I just lost" I whisper remembering how Kieran first portraited what was happening as a game. Alex's takes this in and slowly his eyes soften.

"Oh Evee....." He whispers. He steps up and pulls me into a hug. "You lost your mortality didn't you? And you fell for it, the unfelt love" He strokes my hair murmuring the words softly. Something in me snaps and I shove Alex off me furious and in pain.

"It wasn't unfelt!" I snap and I feel my skin begin to burn. Alex's eyes widen staring at my glowing skin. My bright blond hair shines as well and I feel the silver glow into my eyes. Slowly Alex frowns, his gaze softening.

"Oh, Evee. If only I came before then.... I know someone here had been taken I just didn't think they'd got out" Alex whispers.

"Got out of what?" I whisper something cold and painful clenches round my heart and I look at Alex with sudden uncertainty.

The End

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