I'd been back for a week now. I missed Kieran. My parents still didn't appreciate me: why would they? They hadn't noticed I'd been gone. That told me a lot. They hadn't bothered to ring up during their absence to check I was okay, hadn't cared about what I had been up to - geez, I wondered if they would care if I broke the law. Probably not. They would probably just disown me and leave me to my fate.

Kieran... His love was so ... wonderful, so delightful. He had been so warm. Had I really been right to suspect him of anything, to accuse him of forcing me to love him? Now he was gone, I wanted to see him again. I wanted to go back to his world, to where the two of us could be alone together forever. It seemed irrelevant that he had kept secrets from me, I disregarded the fact that there had been lengths of time when I'd been alone: I just needed love.

Okay, so I had to admit that Alexander was helping. He was the closest friend I had ever had on Earth and ... he seemed to understand me. But our relationship was strictly restricted to friendship. Don't ask me why: that's just the subtle message he seemed to convey whenever we hung out. And I was cool with that... except for the times (like now) when I longed for something more.

I was writing in my diary before bed. After I had spilled out all my emotions, I found myself lapsing into a daydream. A daydream of sunset, paradise islands and Kieran... When I came back to reality, I found I had drawn some weird symbols.

O...kay... I didn't remember ever learning this language. I was rubbish at languages at school, I never learnt anything. That made this really, really strange. Slightly scary, too. What if Kieran had somehow managed to get into my mind and make me write down a spell to let him out?! But then a sort of serenity swept over me. Didn't I want that?

The feeling passed and I panicked again. I slammed my diary shut as if that would make the symbols go away. I tried to push them out of my mind and went downstairs to make myself a mug of hot chocolate. I finished this before retiring.

The symbols haunted me in my dreams. It was definitely a message of some sort since in the background of this montage of images, I heard indistinct whispering.

What could it mean?

The End

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