Moonlit Maze: The Callings SongMature

When I got back from Kieran's world. I must admit it was weird. The fact I had to remember where everything was and couldn't just summon it to my will. In fact apparently I hadn't even been gone long enough for my parents to notice. Only two days. I arrived back the day they came back.

Although they did find it strange how my skin seemed to glow in the sun and moonlight but I almost always stayed indoors now. Only having to travel out in the open for school.

Speaking of school. Things are starting to get strange. The fact that I'm hearing voices when no one speaks makes me wonder..... maybe I completed the change before I came out. Maybe I'm now like Kieran a psychic immortal.

But its starting to scare me. Luckily it doesn't happen around my newest friend. His name is Alexander Twin. No one besides me likes him. But since people sort of think I'm cool he's now considered cool. I don't know how it works. But thats whats happened.

Thing is he believes in magic as well so with these weird things happening to me. I might end up needing his help.

The End

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