I run as fast as my legs will go, through the invisible portal to the house and towards the room that I could turn into a bathroom using my thoughts. I desperately thought ‘Earth, Earth,' but when I opened the door, all I saw was compost. I closed the door and thought ‘The planet! Planet Earth!". When I opened it, it was like something out of a sci-fi movie. I saw space around me and below me the Earth with its blue oceans, patches of green and brown land and white icy poles. I shut the door, sobbing hysterically and heard uncertain footsteps behind me.

"Get away from me!" I screamed, without turning to look.

"Evee, please..."

Quickly I thought ‘A prison cell, a place one would be trapped.' I opened the door, and turned. Without looking inside, I shoved Kieran inside. I banged the door shut and sank to the ground still weeping.

I'd thought Kieran was perfect for me; I'd wanted to spend forever with him. But he couldn't be open with me. I couldn't live a life containing deceit, especially when that same life was inspired and motivated by love.

Now slightly subdued, I stood up and thought of my address, carefully tagging ‘Planet Earth' onto the end of it lest I should end up in some alien galaxy. I opened the door and stepped onto the patio which led up to my front door. I breathed in a couple of mouthfuls of glorious air before rushing inside.  

The End

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