Maybe too muchMature

I woke up on the beach lying on some set of beanbags. I realised my skin was bare. I blushed and saw my dress. I grabbed it and pulled it on. I pushed my hair behind my ears and looked next for my headband. I found it and slipt it on.

It pushed back my hair and the sun around my warmed it. I got to my feet and began looking Kieran. Why had he just left me there? Surely after the night we spent together. My cheeks flushed at the thought and my heart almost sort of purred. I smile and put a hand over my heart.

When suddenly a pain begins to burn there. Oh yeah, I forgot in Kieran's presence the fact my mortality was slipping. But now he's gone the pains back. I slowly kneel down and fold my arms tightly across my stomach.
It hurts so much... why can't it just stop? Why does spending eternity with Kieran have to cost something? Then it hits me. It has to cost cause he's not perfect... he's like a forbidden fruit I have to pay the price for touching.

I shake my head trying to throw the thoughts away. But they are so strong. The doubts in my mind are so strong. I stumble to my feet. Maybe he's too much..... too much for me to cope with. He may seem perfect but I'm starting to see while he loves me entirely he's hiding thing.
Where as I've hidden nothing. Not one inch of my life, yet he's always vanishing. Always going somwhere I can't follow. Not allowing me into places. Being scared of the world he's in so much he won't let me leave the house.

I bet even here on the beach I'm still in his mysterious house. His strange continuely shifting house. Made so perfect its identical to how I wish everything was..... I wish. Oh god, every place in this house is based on my imagination. Kieran's snucked into my mind and picked places I've always wished to be. And then used them to his advantage.

I stop and lean against a tree. I slowly sit down on the sand against it. My tummy is burning in pain still and its causing tears to slide down my cheek. I wipe them away. "Evee" I look up to see Kieran looking at me worried. He sees my tears and rushes over to kneel in front of me. He takes my hand so gently. "Whats the matter, Evee? Is there something wrong?"

"It hurts" I whisper clenching my heart. "It really hurts" Kieran frowns.

"It shouldn't be hurting anymore Evee. Which pain are you talking about?" he whisper stroking my cheek. I yank my hand away and get to my feet backing away from him.

"My heart hurts from the fact you're so perfect. I can't deal with it. But you're not also perfect. Your the forbidden dark fruit! One bite and I don't want to leave. How do I know I really love you" I scream at him. He watches me with pain and doensn't dare speak. I burst out in tears and turn and run.

The End

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