Intense FeelingsMature

As the day drew to a close...

Pink streaks appeared in the sky above the horizon and the sun looked larger as it neared the line it would dip below as night began to fall. Around the sun, the sky was orange, a wonderful colour whose name did not give it justice in this perfect moment which made me think or warmth, contentment and the soul. The magnificence of sunset made it the most romantic time of day for me. Who could sit watching it and not be inspired by the colours, not be awed by the beauty of nature? Sunset reached out and touched some deep part of me which was sweetly sentimental and had a powerful effect on my imagination. The sun's rays kissed my soul as a mother tenderly kisses her child at night (a tear crept into my eye at the nonexistence of such a memory in my experiences) and the sky became the beautiful orb in which my heart danced gaily as it beat.

I rose to my feet and pulled Kieran to his, ignoring the remaining chocolates which lay in the box and walked out of the gazebo to the shoreline, where I stood. Cool water lapped against my bare feet, tickling my toes.

I turned to face Kieran who was standing beside me with a soulful expression on his face.

"Powerful, isn't it?" I murmured, taking his hands and stroking them with my thumbs as I held them.

"Yes," he replied, gazing deep into my eyes. I let my mind open up to him, willing him to explore its hidden caves with his gentle probing mental touch as I wanted to explore his skin with my fingers and cross its open plains and cross its open plains as I wanted to close any gap that spanned between us, no matter how small. I desired our souls to unite, and that they did as he leant down and kissed me. My eyes closed but I kept my mind open. I felt that indescribable pleasure, that wondrous love he evoked from me and conveyed to the most profound and secret areas of my heart.

I let go of his hands as I caressed his hair, his cheeks and his shoulders. My hands crept along to his shirt and started undoing the buttons. The shirt came off as it was meant to and I stroked the line which was his sternum, while pulling his topless body closer to mine. I wound my arms around his neck and clung onto him tightly as the wild sensations threatened to drive me to insanity. Kieran's hands somehow came between our bodies and he started taking off my dress. While I was preoccupied with kissing him, he undid his belt and pulled off his trousers. He pulled me into the sea which was suddenly the perfect temperature, and we continued to kiss, running our fingers along every inch of bare skin on the other's body while explosions of delight filled our mind and thrills and chills ran down each other's spines. I could tell Kieran was feeling the same because our minds had become linked in that wonderful way they could.  

The sea around us was the astral plane our souls were dancing together across was the invisible rope connecting our hearts was the sky above us in which stars were probably starting to appear was basically our playground as fireworks in our heads exploded in time to the music of our love. We were in our world - the Kieran-Evee world - and we were king and queen, and we ran across the rolling hills and embraced in the rain and danced on the stage in the theatres. We sang as we swam in the rivers and soared through the skies and explored the depths of the oceans, we luxuriated in the warmth of the summer sun on the beaches and the cool refreshing water of the swimming pools. The kiss was everything. It was dreams and reality rolled into one fantastic experience and I never wanted it to end. We were one and it was ... mind-blowing, heart-stopping and beautiful. The passion filled the atmosphere and to put it simply, I got lost.

I came to my senses on the sand underneath Kieran but I knew that I had neither fallen asleep nor lost consciousness. The ardour was too much for my mind to cope, so it switched off. I would remember everything when I fell asleep that night - my subconscious would replay the scene and I would savour the sensations again as I savoured the taste of chocolate (or was Kieran more delicious?) on my tongue.

What a tremendous way to end the day.  

The End

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