I must have fallen asleep at some point because I wake up to find my arms empty. Kieran no longer in them and holding me tightly. I roll over looking around before sitting up. "Kieran" I mutter.

I eventually spot him in the ocean waist deep. He doesn't seem to notice me at first and I happily watch him looking up and down his amazing body. So perfect and so heart stoppingly gorgeous. But then I see he's speaking. Whispering quiet words. "Kieran" I say slightly louder than before.

This time he hears me and turns to face me a smile on his face but he obvious is forcing it which pains me. He heads back towards me and pulls me to my feet and into his arms tilting my face up so he can kiss me. Strangely I taste chocolate on his tongue and begin to want some. I pull away from him. "I want chocolate" I say pouting.

Kieran laughs and strokes my cheek. "Look behind you then" He says a smile on his face thats real. I'm confused at first but I turn round a gasp escaping my lips. There now is a sort of wooded gazebo on the beach.

Beneath it is beanbags to sit on and box of chocolate with a tulip on. I swallow nervously and look at Kieran whose smiling. "We can sit there to watch the sunset" He whispered.

Its then I notice how low the sun got in the sky. I nod and Kieran leads me over to the Gazebo. He sits down and pulls me into his lap. I rest my head on his chest and look out across the sand and ocean at the sun.

Kieran strokes my hair and kisses the top of my head occasionally. I'm starting to wonder what he was saying just back then. But I have a feeling he wont tell me.

The End

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