A Simple TouchMature

I pull the dress down over my body then turn round. I almost scream when I spot Kieran watching me leaning against the door frame but I clamp a hand over my mouth. I gasp then put it to my chest taking deep breaths. "You scared me" I say looking at him smiling.

"Don't worry I didn't see anything" Kieran says. Then he smiles back and strides across the room to pull me into his arms. He passes a hand though my wet hair and lets it travel down my neck leaving a blazing hot tingling path where ever he touches me.

He leans in and kisses me with such passion at first I'm shocked. I settle into it eventually just wanting to be closer to him. I feel such strong emotions everything around me seems to disapear as slowly my eyes close but not just in sight.

He rests his hands on my waist and I feel my back bending back slightly which eventually causes me to giggle. Oh god, I've ruined it. Kieran pulls back with a laugh and strokes my cheek. "Nothing I ever feel with you is ruined" he whispers. My cheeks flush and his smile widens. "Are you ready for some exciting activities?"

My brows crease but Kieran doesn't wait for me to answer. He takes my hand and leads me out of the bathroom. We go through many hallways and he eventually stops in front of one door. He spins to face me holding a blindfold in his hand.

"Wear it... I want it to be a surprise" He says. I nod and slip on the blindfold. I feel a waving in front of my face from the air movement. I then feel Kieran take my hand again and he leads me through the door.

Well I think he does cause suddenly the air changes. Its salty and I wave hear..... waves??

The End

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