Can't tell youMature

Kieran sighs and pulls away sitting up. He runs a hand back through his hair. "It was just buisness" He mutters not looking at me.

"What buisness?" I ask resting up on my elbow turning my body to face him. He looks at me then away getting up and moving to the window. He sighs heavily before looking at me.

"I can't tell you, Evee" He says lowering his head unable to look at me. The pain in his eyes was so much I begin to worry. What could be so painful? And why does he have to hide it from me? I thought we didn't have to hide anything from each other that we were each others.

"I am your Evee..... but my soul isn't and I can't break my contract and try and tell you. It would cause me to die" He whispers looking at me sadly. I feel sadness build in my own heart. So sad its almost painful.

"But you have my soul. Why don't I have yours?" I ask quietly.

"Because years and years before I met you I made a mistake. One that without a painful price I can't get out of" He says looking directly at me. "That's why I left. To see if I could change the price and get my soul back. I want to only be with you Evee"

I feel doubt at his words. Why can't I believe him? "I'm going to have a bath" I mutter. "Where is it?" I ask.

Kieran sighs heavily with pain and sadness. "Just focus on it and you will find it" He say turning back to the window. I nod and head out of the bedroom down the stairs. What don't I know?

I know that its something important and Kieran can't tell me cause of some contract but why? I shake my head and focus on the bathroom. No point worrying about it now.... In fact. I should worry about it. Maybe it will lead me to a room with answers.

I focus souly on Kieran's contract and find myself walking into a libary. In the centre is a book. I walk up to it and read the title. Book of Souls. I frown and open the book. The begin reading.

Anyone who is not in this book is free and not claimed by...

The book slams shut on my fingers and I yelp. "What are you trying to do Evee?" I spin round to see Kieran.

"I was just... I came in here by accident. I just wanted to see what was inside" I mutter and see terror on Kieran's face.

"We have to leave here Evee. This isn't apart of my home" Kieran says grabbing my hand and dragging me out of the libary. When we get out Kieran slams the door and locks it with a key he hides in his pocket. "Go have your bath Evee"

I nod then almost run off down the hallway.

The End

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