I wandered around the rest of the house, though not really absorbing what I was seeing. I avoided the kitchen where I'd killed the lamia demon naturally. I eventually found myself in a library on the first floor. I walked inside, sat down on an armchair, got comfortable and randomly picked up a book lying on the table.

It was some fantasy story about dragons (I didn't really get into it) and before I knew it, I fell asleep, the book falling into my lap.

Kieran woke me up with a kiss. He mysteriously put his finger to his lips in a gesture for me to be quiet before leading me downstairs and back into the garden where he'd left me. I was extremely inquisitive about where he'd gone and what he'd done but I shoved my curiosity away as I felt that a romantic scene was about to play out.

In the shade of a giant tree whose branches spread out across implausible distances and whose leaves were the colour of pure silver in the shapes of teardrops, Kieran sat down and pulled me with him. He caressed my hair, gazing lovingly into my eyes, making my mind blank and my heart sigh with contentment. He leant in and started to kiss me with slow, strong love which made my heart ache before conveying fierce passion, knocking me to the groung. I kissed him back, loving him, adoring the sensation, wanting to be so much closer to him although there was already barely any distance between us. I longed to merge into him and be a part of that wild yet tender fire which controlled my heart and inspired the flames in my soul.

He broke away briefly to say "I'm sorry I had to go" but instead of replying, I pulled him back into the kiss, not wanting to stop even for a second. Kieran was all the time stroking my arms, running his fingers through my hair, evoking more pleasure from me and making me try to convey more of the desire I felt to only be his. I remembered then that I was only his and this just made me feel so euphoric that I kissed him even harder. I stroked his back, twining my fingers in the hair at his nape, pushing his head closer to mine and holding it there while I luxuriated in my own elation and Kieran's love.

 I realised that this could last for as long as we wanted: there was no obligation to stop, no other things to attend to, no people to talk to; we could just lie here and feel and give and share. 'Feast on your life'. A line from one of my favourite poems: 'Love After Love' by Derek Walcott. Well, I was definitely enjoying life at the moment but more appropriate words would be 'Feast on your love.' That's what the kisses were like: a glorious, delectable feast which was magical as well as satisfying, tasty and ecstasy-inducing.

As well as my lips, Kieran kissed my jaw, my neck, my cheek and nipped my ear, seding shivers down my spine, kissing down the line of the bone underneath that part of my body too. When he finished his routine kiss of every inch of my skin around my mouth, he returned to kissing my mouth, thrilling me as he tongued me and brought my dreams of merging with him one step closer to reality.

'I love you,' I thought again and again. Always, I felt yearning which I didn't really understand; always, I wanted; always, I needed. My heart ached so much that just thinking about letting go of Kieran briefly almost rendered me a blubbering wreck and nearly incapacitated me. I clung onto him and the kiss and the sensations as if they were the last lungfuls of oxygen I would ever receive.

Oxygen... I thought about life. Immortal... What a dizzying thought. I was promptly brought back to the kiss and so didn't have time to dwell upon the fact my life would never end.

Finally it ended. I stared up at Kieran hoping to God that he knew how he made me feel. The smile and the warmth in his eyes showed me that he did. I was hardly able to stand up as he rose to his feet. He helped me and, hand-in-hand, we walked back up to the house. We walked in silence: there was nothing to be said that hadn't been communicated during the kiss, or if there was, it wasn't important. Kieran led me up to the bedroom and there, we lay upon the bed, watching each other, conveying yet more love. Words would ruin this moment: they were completely useless in this sort of situation. Why risk mucking up the perfect moment with stammers and attempts at describing the indescribable and communicating something that ran deeper than even thought when we could remain like this, silent and elated?

Eventually, the curiosity which had been gradually returning to me overwhelmed the desire to stay like this for as long as we'd kissed and I asked Kieran "So where did you go?"

The End

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