Room of PastMature

It was somtime around Midday Kieran disapeared. Leaving a note only telling me he'll be back as soon as possible. Nothing else except a kiss. I get to my feet and roll my shoulders.

My back and legs feel stiff as I walk back into the house. He left? Why? What could be so important he would have to leave so suddenly?

I wander through the house. I take the steps carefully and wince at the pain in my head and stomach. I thought he'd taken away the want to fight back but the more pain the more I want to.

Maybe cause he's gone I'm starting to feel it again. I move through the hallway. Where was the bedroom again? But then I see a door out of place. Its almost steel but seems to also be wood. I walk up to it slowly and see some form of darkness flickering round the frame. I shake my head and reach for the doorknob.

Just as my fingers are about to touch it.... "NO!" I spin round to see Kieran watching me with fear. I feel confused and yank my hand back before running away down the hallway. "Evee, No, Wait!"

But I don't my feet pounding on the wooden floor of the hallway changing to stone. Its like I'm running through a maze.... Then I remember I am. Its the Moolit Maze. Only able to be accessed by moolit. Only allowed in by a full moon.

But what about out? Wait! Why am I thinking about out? I stop running looking around to see I'm in the castle. The Queen Vampires castle. Then a hand grasps my wrist. I scream a hand clamping over my mouth. "Evee, It's okay. It's just me" Kieran whisper kissing my forehead, my eyelids, my cheeks, then my lips. "I didn't mean to shout but that door can not be opened"

"Why?" I ask looking up a him. His eyes are filled with pain and... love? I'm not sure and that frightens me.

"Its a Room of Past. They turn up ocassionally. Should you enter one.... Lets just say I'd lose you" He whispers pulling me into his arms. I rest my head in the crook of his neck and he sighs happily. "I really am sorry"

I nod. Forgetting all about the door and remembering that he left me in the garden alone with only a note.

The End

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