I woke to the song of Jay birds and felt a hand passing through my hair. I sat up suddenly, my breathing heavy and my heart pounding. Then I realised where I was. With Kieran.... In my first nightmare house.

I moaned letting my head fall into my hands. My head hurt painfully. "I will be the change. The finally bit of your mortality slipping away which is against your nature. Your brain is trying to tell you not to let it go but I tried to turn them off. You might have a headache for a while" Kieran says pulling me back down to lie with him.

I let him pull me close and wraps his arms around me firmly. I can feel the protectiveness in the gesture. That wanting to keep me safe. "I'm hungry" I mutter burying my face in the hollow of Kieran's neck.

He laughs and slowly sits up allowing me to remain lieing down staring up at him. "I will fetch you some food, my love" He says in a proper posh english accent. I blush and he leans down to brush his lips across mine. "I will be right back. There are clothes in the wardrobe"

With those word he walks out leaving me frozen. I quickly shake my head and let out the breath I'd been unaware of holding. I get up and go to the wardrobe. As soon as I open the door my clothes change. "Okay, that is just freaky" I say shaking my head and shutting the door looking down at what I'm wearing.

Its a short dress. Light a white summers dress but a secound layer on the skirt, of veil like fabric. I reach up and my fingers touch my silver hair band. Its never come out.... I'm glad but why?

I turn to the door and walk down the stairs. Just as I'm about to head to the kitchen I change my mind heading the back of the house and finding the garden. I stop and gasp.

Its all so perfect. The trees in bloom ocassional blossom blowing across the garden and lime green grass. The bluebells, roses, lillies. So many flowers. Some even I don't know the name of. Then in the centre is a gazebo where Kieran stands setting out plates and cups.

He see's me and smiles. The scene's so perfect.... Maybe to perfect. No, I throw the thought from my mind and walk across to Kieran.

The End

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