My SoulMature

"Jamie. Jamie! Please, Please look at me!" I yell. He doesn't and just carries on moving. Then I see someone else I know. "Mary!"

She doesn't turn and look. Its like she doesn't even hear me. I stumble back and have to take hold the statue behind me. No one can hear me.... No one cares. I have reality but.... no one can hear me, touch me or even notice me.

"I notice you" Kieran says as the first tear spills down my cheek. I spin round to face him and watch his face turn worried. "Thats why you're different Evee. You even care about those even when they don't notice you. When they don't realise that your broken and need someone to help you for a change"

"I'm not broken" I whisper shaking my head letting more tears spill down my cheeks. Kieran steps up and wipes a tear that has just reached my chin.

"I can be with you Evee. I'd never leave your side so long as you never left mine. We could spend eternity together how ever you wished" Kieran whispers begining to kiss away each tear that spills.

"I can't. My family... My friends. The people who do care" I say shaking my head trying to pull away but failing.

"They are all here... moving past you. No one's looking Evee. I can't manipulate people to not feel for you I can only use things that are there" Kieran says grasping my shoulders tightly. It's like he's pleading with me now.

"But how can you care? You've put me through my 4 worst nightmares and stolen my mortality? How does that show you care?" I cry pulling away from him.

"I admit taking your mortality was selfish but its only cause I don't want to ever lose you Evee. I don't want to watch you grow old and die" Kieran whispers pulling me into his arms pressing me to his chest.

I begin to hiccup my tears having dried up. "Why..... do..... you want..... me?" I choke out between hiccups.

"Cause I'm in love with you Evee. I have been from the moment I saw you" He whispers.

"The park?" I laugh. "That was only a few hours ago"

"Not the park Evee... I've been watching you much longer" Kieran says leaning back to push a strand of hair out of my face. He's... he's been watching me. Some how I'm not scared more at a loss. Why didn't he show himself earlier?

Why did he have to go through this game?

The End

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