Fear #5: A crowded street...?Mature

There didn't seem to be anything dangerous or frightening here. I glanced through the translucent clock face and saw a pretty normal-looking town down below. I then realised that I was in the clock tower near the high street in the town where I used to live. This clock tower wasn't renowned for being haunted or anything so I figured the fear must be outside. I walked to a door in one of the walls that led down a winding flight of creaky wooden stairs. Careful of the holes, I began my descent.

Ten minutes later, my breathing was slightly heavy but I had arrived at the bottom of the stairs and let myself out of the door (which wasn't locked or anything). I stood outside but still failed to see anything scary about the situation. I was starting to worry. I didn't want to lose when I'd gotten so far. Maybe that was the fear: not finding the fear I had to conquer and becoming Kieran's against my will. Suddenly, I spotted a familiar face on the high street. Jamie. Maybe he could help. Or maybe he'd be part of the fear somehow. Either way, I had to get his attention.

"Jamie!" I called, running over to him.

He didn't appear to notice me. He continued to walk down the street, even ignoring the fact I had grabbed his arm.

"Jamie, it's me, Evee!"

No response. I let go and stopped running after him. What was going on?

The End

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