20 MinutesMature

I couldn't see... not one bit. I felt like I'd lost all grip on reality except for the holds on the ladder. What happens when I don't have that anymore?

I'd start to have a panic attack. Loosing reality... I couldn't cope with that. Maybe Kieran was right.... That I'm broken..... inside.

My feet touch rock and I wimper. I have to keep moving. I can't give in.... Or can I? No! I can't thats just ridiculous. To leave my parents behind. They may be hard sometimes but they love me.... they would miss me.

I can't just stay here. I can't leave those who care about me behind. Heck, I might give Jeremy a chance if I get out of this place... No, I will get out of this place. No if's or anything. I have to get out for me and everyone else. Reality is with them not here.

I let go of the ladder then I hear a hiss. "I was countining you wouldn't let go of the ladder... Now can you get to the portal Evee. Or can you not find it in 10 minutes" Kieran says.

I hear the anger that's grown in his voice. Sharp and it strangely cuts me like a knife. So painful his hate is.

"I'll find it" I say and begin to walk through the darkness. Damn... I really can't see a thing. Its then a light flickers but... I can't reach it. I trip falling onto my knees and I feel an arm beneath my elbow.

"Admit it Evee... this one's destroying you. Besides this is your secound to top fear" Kieran whisper.

Second to top? He shouldn't have said that. I get to my feet then run. I will not hit a wall. I will catch that light. Last fear to go. But what is it?

I thought losing reality was my worst fear but... if its my secound. Where does that light lead?

What can scare me more than losing the light to darkness? Losing those I love? The feel of nature, Grass beneath my feet?

It must be something big and before I can stop my running I hit the light tumbling and falling through.... Into an old clock tower.

The End

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